~ Mahashivratri: Spiritual & Scientific Significance of 12 Holy Shiva Temples in India (Jyotirlinga)

A complete Spiritual Quest package for all human minds craving for Peace & Eternal Bliss! Watch short journey to 12 ancient holy places of lord Shiva across India, called Jyotirlinga, which has different Spiritual and Scientific significance to gain ultimate Bliss that we all desire in daily stressful life.

12 must visit places in India at least once in lifetime, if possible in single trip. See description of each places and its importance below:

Note: It is important to define some of Sanskrit words used (some are non-translatable to English). Rough translation of Sanskrit words to English. Nath- lord, Ishwar – lord/almighty, som = Moon/Purity .

Aatma, Sanskrit word, can not be translated to Soul in English. Hinduism believes , all living beings on the earth (Humans, Animals, Plants ,other species) has Aatma. Aatma reincarnates infinite times. There is no start , no end for Aatma, it is Sanatan (Eternal).

Pilgrimage: 12 Ancient  Holy Shiva Temples in India

1. Somnath ( Lord of the Nectar of Knowledge)

Nectar of knowledge from the supreme Aatma, is a source of enlightenment , benefits and happiness. this removes darkness of ignorance

 2. Nageshwar or Nagnath (Lord of 5 headed snake):

Nag – Snake, Ishwar or Nath is Lord.

5 headed cobra stands coiled around the Lingam. these 5 heads raised in striking pose aresymbolic of the 5 vices that holds humanity into bondage of Dukkha (Rough translation -pain). Shiva is only immune to this poison (of Dukhha) and so come here and worships to free from Dukha in life.

 3. Kedarnath ( Lord of Kedar):

Devotees take long and arduous pilgrimage to Kedarnath Shiva in their quest of spiritual fulfillment. Hard pilgrimage journey signifies that the hard ordeal is sweet in deed. Any one who is sincere in their quest, the spiritual benefit for themselves and the world, will find favor here with the supreme soul.After successfully completing this tough journey, as a result, their heart with Love and Devotion here.

4.VishwaNath ( Lord of the Universe), Banaras-UP:

This Jyotirlinga represents the incorporeal form of light , the supreme being is the lord of the Universe.

5.Mahakaleswar ( The lord of Death) Ujjain, MP:

This Shiva Jyotirlinga frees devotees from fear of Illusion and Death. the gift of the divine knowledge of the immortality of the Aatma can only be given by the one who himself is immortal and beyond death.

6. Onkareshwar ( Lord of Om) :

It represents the form of OM, which signifies that the supreme Aatma Shiva is Incorporeal. There is another Shiva temple nearby.

Amaleshwar (Lord of Purity) : Lord shiva is completely Clean . the purifier of all sins. So by having all our relationship with Shiva , we free ourselves from vices and experience the supreme bliss.

 7. Trayambkeshwar ( Lord of Third Eye ), Maharashtra:

Third eye represents special power of spiritual wisdom and knowledge can see beyond and experience the things that can not be seen through our physical eyes.

When the third eye , lord Shiva opens, the great enemies anger and lust are destroyed (lack of wisdom and ignorance) .

 8. Ghrishneshwar (Lord of Positive Energy obtained from Churning of divine Knowledge), Maharashtra:

Parvati, wife of lord Shiva , has taken Saffron and water from near by lake for Shiva. By grinding (Ghrishna) these together in her hands she created a Shiva linga which has bright light and so this place is where you can witness the bright light, i.e. spiritual blissful experience.

The act of grinding or churning ( Ghrishna) represents the spiritual practice of churning divine knowledge which in turns transforms the intellect to higher purpose in life.

9. VAidyanath (Lord of Vaidya/Ayurveda), Maharashtra:

Vaidya means Doctor or Divine Ayurvedic Medicine specialist. The name Vaidya, signifies the form of life the supreme Shiva has, is the healer of the healers, the supreme surgeon!

 If anyone has an incurable disease, they will visit Shiva for help. When people can no longer manage the problems of the world, then Shiva himself incarnates (Avatar as Vaidya) to erase the pain, problems and diseases of the mankind.

 Shiva is also called as Nilkantha (blue throat god),because lord Shiva absorbed all poisons of this polluted world and liberates mankind from all kinds of problems.

 10. Bheemashankar (Mighty & Powerful Lord), Maharashtra:

 Mighty power of Shiva, defeated the devil of the three worlds. Which signifies, When human Aatma, due to their ego & ignorance are diverted and defeated by Maya (human weaknesses or illusion) at that item lord Shiva incarnates and gives humanity the power to gain victory over these vices/weaknesses.

 11. Mallikarjun ( Lord ), Andhra Pradesh:

Temple is 7 stores high symbolizing , spiritual elevation in human life. Mallika means Jasmine flower. Devotees remember lord Shiva as Satya, Shiva and Sundara . Lord Shiva represents here as combination of Truth and Beauty which lord Shiva radiates through this Shivalinga.

 12. Rameshwaram (Ram worshiping Lord Shiva), Tamilnadu:

Lord Rama went to sea shore and prayed to lord Shiva for power to overcome his enemy Ravana. Signifies even other deities has great love for lord Shiva.

|| OM Namah Shivay||

May lord Shiva bring  Peace & Happiness to everyone’s life….

Watch: Spiritual and Scientific Significance of 12 Holy Shiva Temples 

Peaceful Om Namah Shivay Chant

12 Jyotirlinga, Holy Shiva Temples  in India


Photo credit: Screen shot from clip

Sources: Google, youtube, Brahma Kumaris productions , and all links mentioned in the post.


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