Section will cover Innovations (Product , Process, Business model, Technology) / R&D / Inventions / Creative Ideas  since thousands of years of Indian history/ancient era till now, by Indians or Indian origin people living outside India.  Watch this space for more updates on India’s Innovations.

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Indian Inventions (Ancient Era Till Now)

Modern Innovation & Business Concepts from India

Indian Business (Process /Management) Innovations

Advanced Technology Development

Recent Ideas from India

Astronomy / Planets / Cosmic / Samudra Manthan (Big Bang)

Health, Life Science & Medicines

Psychology / Mind Science / Psychiatry / Breathing Techniques

Social Science Innovation / Reforms (Ideas)

West Vs East : ‘Nationalisation and Denationalisation’ of Family

Indian Mathematics

Green Technology

Construction / Civil Engineering / Architectures

Astrology / Astronomy

Arts / Creativity / Paintings

Indian Music Innovations (From Ragas to Modern Music)

TED Talks by Indians (Range of topics Science/Spirituality/Technology/West Vs East)

Food Science:

Various Curries & Dishes from Rich Indian civilization- See various posts here

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