~ Happy Gregorian New Year : Comparing East Vs West Celebrations

Wish You & Family a very Happy New Year 2016….

1st January is a start of Eurocentric Abrahmic Gregorian  New Calender Year…which is generally used in International Trade to avoid confusion. However, many countries still follow their own ancient Calendar in daily life, like in India (for Festivals, Maths, Astronomy, Marriages, Rituals, etc).

On the occasion of 1st Jan 2016, a Gregorian new year, lets learn important life lesson about Cultural, Economical, Social and Mental damage to country & its citizens due to choosing wrong calendar!

Understand journey of 2 calendars used in India – Gregorian for Global Trade/Business/Offices and Indian Traditional calendar which is much before Gregorian calendar or Abrahmics formation in west….used in all Indian Astronomy, Navigations, Agriculture, Religious festivals, Astrology (panchang),etc.

Major Difference between EAST Vs WEST New Year Celebration:

  • WEST- New Year Day starts at mid-night at 12:00 AM in DARK

  • INDIA – New Year Day starts with Sun Rise at 6:30 AM in SUNLIGHT &  POSITIVITY…

But, since when European Invasion (1857 – 1947),   India was forced to use Gregorian calendar as colonial tactics to brainwash people & deprive them from their own great ancient knowledge & wisdom.

Irony, it is neither suitable for Indian Whether and Climate…nor for Agricultural & economy…World famous Indian Mathematician Genius Prof C K Raju, one of fathers of Indian Supercomputer – PARAM in 1984 onwards and author of over 12 best selling books and many articles on Mathematics, Physics and Plilosophy of Science, is exposing here damages done to Indian economy, culture, astronomy and agriculture by using Gregorian calendar which is Abrahmic calculations for European whether/year!

Worth watching…show it to your kids & others interested in Maths, True World History, Geopolitics, East Vs West studies, Indian Civilization , Indology, Hinduism etc

A Tale of Two Calendars by Prof C K Raju (India Inspires Talks)

BTW – In Universe , nothing has changed…all planets are still revolving and stable….Only we humans  unnecessary give too much attention on Day-Night! 🙂

Its just another day and yet another year in life!

Pictures: East VS West New Year Celebration Difference


INDIA New Year Celebration starts at first ray of Sun light by offering Holy Water, Prayers, Yoga (Pranayam & Suryanamaskar) and then Temple Prayers to ask for blessings.

Sun-Prayers-Surya-Pooja offering water-to-sun-morning-prayer-india-hinduism-new-year  Hindu-new-yar-morning-prayers-india hindu-new-year-prayers- Hindu-lady-ganga-morning-prayers-new year Morning prayers-ganga-india-sun-morning-yogaSurya-namaskar-prayers-hinduism-new-year-indiahindu-man-sun-prayers-moring-new-year


Peace (shanti) @ Inner world…

Peace @ Outside world…

Peace @ Universe….

Image Credit: India Inspire Talks, Prof C K Raju, Webpages -“authoritynutrition” “flickr” “dreamstime” “rantchic” “OnlinePrasad” “hinduismdecoded blog” “picslist” “dawn” and “twinpossible”

Sources: Google plus images and search, above WebPages for images , you tube, India inspires, and all links in the post.


~ Decolonizing misconceptions about Khajurao Temple, KamaSutra & Hinduism

How to Save 95% of Body & Mind Energy in life??…Every individual generally spends 90-95% of energy on thinking only about Money & Bodily Pleasures…which is a major cause of sufferings/problems in today’s world.

Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev, founder ISHA foundation in  India, a spiritual organization, sharing great Ancient Hindu Wisdom to Save you energy and utilize it for better Karma…

See how deep Sanatan Dharma Wisdom is and how it was misjudged by western Abrahmic invaders as per their western gaze  & later propogated it wrongly for last 600 years  in World History books…

Its high time now to Decolonize World History Books on India/Hinduism and preach Truth!

MUST READ: Fixing Misconceptions about Khajurao Temples & Hinduism

Khajuraho Temples-Madhya Pradesh, India

SAdguru-Jaggi-Vasudev-Hinduism-Khajuraho-temples-India khajuraho-3-gi khajuraho-2-gi  laxmi-khajuraho-gi

Image credit: From clip

Sources: ISHA Foundation, Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev, google search, and all links in the post.

~ Inspiring talk by Man inside Bus gone viral for right reasons

MUST SEE (Hindi+English) CLIP….. Discussion of a Volenteer/Guide possibly at Art of Living Ashram, Bangalore, India with fellow visitors gone viral across Whatsup and facebook!

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~ Listen Hindu Vedas with English Translation

Listen 6000+ years old ancient Holy Hindu Scriptrues – Vedas, originally written in Sanskrit, with approximate English tranlations. There are 1180 Hindu Holy books derieved from Holy Vedas – see list below.

Holy veda Mantra Chanting is supposed to be done during Yajna (Hindu holy fire ceremony) has positive refreshing effect on Body, Mind and Aatma, making us peaceful, free from negativity and blissful  (see pics below).

Note: It is advisable by scholars to read & understand Hindu Vedas in Sanskrit. As its very difficult to translate everything exactly into English or other languages, it distorts original meaning as English has no parallel words for many deep rooted Sanskrit words!

e.g. Most common Sanskrit to English non transperable words which Westerners (and Anglo-Sexon educated/ whitewashed Indians) think they have same meanings:

  • DHARMA is not Religion

  • AATMA is not Soul

  • Devata/Bhagwan/Ishvar is not God

  • OM is not Amen/Amin

  • POOJA is not Prayers

  • YAJNA / YAGNYA is not Sacrifies but Exchange/selfless offerings to Shakti/ Ishvar

  • SHAKTI is not Power/Holy Spirit..etc..etc

Read: List of “Sanskrit Non-Transperable” words & correct explainations, read Bestseller book “Being Different” by famous American-Indian author  Mr Rajiv Malhotra (2011).

Cunning, barbarian and greedy European/British invaders in 17-18 century distroyed/looted original copies of this Great Human Heritage in India.

Some western scholars who came to know about this Hindu Vedas in India that time distorted many Hindu scriptures and spreaded many lies across the world in order to justify their invasion and to false calim the history as per their hidden motives.

Those who wish to learn Vedas , please learn Sanskrit first and then learn 4 Vedas. It will be  life changing experince!

Don’t forget to give appropriate Credit to all great Hindu Sages from India who invented this for sake of  humanity, else as per Karma philosophy it won’t be any advantage to you!!

Still for beginers, this video gives basic summary what great four Hindu Vedas contains.

  • – Rig-Ved

  • -Yajur-Ved

  • -Sam-ved

  • Atharva-Ved

LISTEN Hindu Vedas with  English Translation

Daily early morning Ved Mantras with English meaning

Four Holy Vedas ( called SHRUTIS – cosmos wisdon heard by intelligent Hindu Sages/Rishis after deep meditaion) are then written in about 1180 holy Hindu books called SMRITIS by various other Sages across India, so that common masses can understand it easily.

See list of all 1180 holy books in Hinduism and tree formation in charts in my previous post

Hindu Scriputures Photo: venupayyanur.com

Hindu Scriputures Photo: venupayyanur.com

Chart Holy Hindu Scriptures Photo: vallabhkankroli.org

Chart Holy Hindu Scriptures Photo: vallabhkankroli.org

Major Hindu Scriputures Photo:bharathgyan

Major Hindu Scriputures Photo:bharathgyan

Brief contents of Hindu Scripures Photo:yumpu.com

Brief contents of Hindu Scripures Photo:yumpu.com

Classification of Hindu Scriptures Photo:speakingtree.in

Classification of Hindu Scriptures Photo:speakingtree.in

Yajna during Holy Veda Mantra Chanting Combines Heat enregy from Fire & Sound energy from Sanskrit Mantra cahnting to get healing benefits - Blissfull esperence to Mind, Body & Soul

Yajna during Holy Veda Mantra Chanting Combines Heat enregy from Fire & Sound energy from Sanskrit Mantra chanting to get healing benefits – Blissfull esperence to Mind, Body & Soul

Russian Hindu Couple getting marry

Russian Hindu Couple doing Yajya duirng their Hindu Vedic wedding


yajna-agnihotra-gi Yajna-gi

Yajna during Hindu Worship

Yajna during Hindu Worship

Hindu Priests offering

Hindu Priests offering “Samidha” ( Herbs)in Yajna

Photo Credit: from clip Souces: Youtube, Google search, and all links in the post.

~ Intermittent Fasting helps in Reversing Diabetes type 2 naturally!

New research claims that Intermittent Fasting (like in Hindu Religious Fasting rituals eating raw Vegetables/Fruits) and diet management helps in Reversing Type 2 Diabetes naturally! Doctor Jason Fung from Canada here is explaining how his patients followed 6 steps which includes Intermediate Fasting, got rid of insuline doses and maintained normal sugar levels through his designed programme called Intensive Diet Management (IDM):

  1. Intermittent Fasting

  2. Reduce Dietary refined carbohydrate

  3. Eat high fat diet (Natural fats)

  4. Eat Fibre

  5. Vinegar

  6. Eat Spices and Herbs

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~ New defination,Media=(Negativity + Confusion + Propaganda)

See some of patterns of Negative & biased media reporting…New definition of NEWS reporting is rapidly changing worldwide to=>

 NEWS = [Biased + Negativity + Confusion + Propaganda] Continue reading