There are different types of Indian movies as per the various regional languages in different states in India. Hindi cinema (some also refer as Bollywood) is the biggest in terms of audience and number of movie productions per year. It also has wide fan followings abroad. As per the number of audience, Tamil cinema is second largest. Tamil is official language to some of the countries outside India (Singapore, Malysia, Srilanka,etc). All regional cinemas are also very popular in respective states and are usually dubbed in other Indian languages for viewers outside the respective states. As there are many “GlobIndians” living outside India, they also watch their respective language movies abroad. So, looking at volume and number of films per year, India is probably largest producer of number of cinemas in the world! 

1.Hindi Cinema ( Bollywood),  2. Tamil Films, 3.Marathi Films,  4. Telugu Films,  5. Bhojpuri films, 6. Gujrati Films,
7. Kannada Films, 8. Malalayam Films, 9. Bengali Films, 10, Manipuri Films, 11. Asami Films, 12. Odhisha films,
13. Kashmiri (Urdu) films, Some others

This blog will provide all available and hit movies in different languages for foreign audience, especially, hindi cinema (Bollywood).

I have created various categories as per the subtitles and dubbing of Hindi cinema. However, due to available of Youtube translation beta (CC) , you can watch subtitles in most of the foreign languages (if youtube beta is available to that particular video file).

Click on Title below to watch Movies/ Songs with your preferred subtitle… Visit frequently to check updates here!

Life is a Celebration! …So, Enjoy 🙂


  1. Hindi movies in SINHALA subtitles



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