~ Hymn For The Weekend, featuring Incredible India

“Hymn For The Weekend” by ColdPlay (British band, lead vocalist Chris Martin), is current US/British top music video 2016, was shoot in India…See old places, festive colours, old single theatres, ponds, temples, Castles, Landscapes and Riversides….guess it features Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor ?? (check pics below)

Get High on Weekend 😛 😀 :8

Official Video: Hymn For The Weekend -ColdPlay

IncredibleIndia-14Incredible-India-6Diwali-Lamp-Sadhu-Sage-IndiaIncredible-India-71Incredible-India-18 2 3 4 5   Is she Bollywood Acctress Sonam Kappor in video?Incredible-India-9 Incredible-India-10 Incredible-India-11   Incredible-India-15 Incredible-India-16 Incredible-India-17 Incredible-India-19Incredible-India-8Incredible-India-12Incredible-India-13 Incredible-India-Namaste

Image Credit: Screenshot from clip

Sources: ColdPlay, Youtube, google, and all links in post


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