~ Now enjoy Free Wi-Fi at Taj Mahal and other Tourist places across India

Wahhh Taj becomes Wi-Fi  Taj…As part of Indian Govt’s ambitious #DigitalIndia initiative state owned BSNL has started Free Wi-Fi service from 16th June 2015 onward for tourists visiting world famous Taj Mahal at Agra…. 🙂  

Now Click n post your Selfies to all your friends/family who couldn’t join you there!

Within next few months, Indian Govt is going to provide similar Free Wi-fi service all major Tourist spots, Railway stations, Shopping areas,  to boost Tourism and help common people to stay connected….

Free Wi-Fi at Taj Mahal  is for first 30 min, then you can purchase top-ups starting from Rs 30 ($ 0.5 ) availabe inside campus.

More details => #Digital India

Tourists enjoying Free Wi-fi at Taj Mahal India

Tourists-Enjoying-Free-Wi-Fi-at-Taj-Mahal-India Tourist-Taj-Mahal-Enjoying-Wi-fi Indian IT Minister Mr Ravishankar Prasad launching Free Wi-Fi serice at Taj Mahal India on 16 June 2015 #DigitalIndia


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~ Endanger Indian Tiger population increases by 30% to 2226 in past 3 years

Tiger = Forest = Eco friendly livable life on the Earth…a simple Indian ancient calculation for human being to check where we are heading! Good News for humanity, we aren’t that bad, still allowing other species to live and prosper happily!

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~ Listening Inner Silence…

Have you ever experience the Inner Silence? Feel it when you are Lonely, Alone, even in Crowd! Did you listen what it says? Have you ever dive deep into inner consciousness sea to understand what your soul says? Here is English translation of beautiful Shayari (Poetry) from Hindi movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara on experiencing the INNER SILENCE…

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~ Lonar Crater Lake,India : Unique World heritage site created due to impact of a Meteor (Star)

Lonar lake  is created due to the impact of a large 1.8 km diameter Meteor (shooting star); about 50000 years ago! It is a unique green coloured saline soda water lake ( Alkaline: pH ~ 13) with other salts and minerals which are different from local soil. Lonar is situated at central part of India, in district of Buldhana, Maharashtra State. Site is very special for Geologist/Astronomers to study rocks and surfaces on other planets  or stars. Pune-India based Universe of Amateur Astronomers (Khagol Vishwa) also conducted various studies on Lonar Lake (For information and photos visit here ).This important site has also got attention recently after important discovery that this crater has similarity to the  craters on the Mars surface (see full reports here and here).

Many local and international scientists, activists, students and socialists are campaigning  to consider Lonar Crater Lake in the list of UNESCO World Heritage site.

Lonar is now a very famous tourist site. It is well connected by road. You can hire a taxi from nearest cities (close to Mumbai) such as Nagpur or Aurangabad  in Maharashtra state.

See informative documentary on Lonar Lake below.

Lonar Lake Documentary (Devharsh Productions)

Lonar Lake among India’s 7 Wonders

Other informative articles on Lonar Lake:

Image Credit: “en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:LonarCrater.jpg”

Sources: Google search, YouTube, Devharsh Productions teaser, Wikipedia, and various news and other hyper-links mentioned in the post.

~ Royal & Romantic : Udaipur Lake Palace

Feel Royal, Feel Romantic!!…. Make you feel like a like a Royal Guest not a Visitor, like a Traveller not a Tourist!! This beautiful palace was build in 1746 by Mewar dynasty King Maharaja Jagat Singh as his summer (lake) palace in the middle of lake Pichola at ancient Udaipur City in North-West part of India called State of Rajasthan. After restoration in 1971 by Tata group’s Taj Resorts and Palaces    , it is now preserved as prestigious 5 star “Taj Lake Palace Udaipur”. Palace is most iconic hotel in the world which also received international awards.

Some Hollywood and Bollywood movies were also posturized here. The visitors includes many international celebrities, Kings, Queens and other eminent guests.

Watch this incredible experience from some guests!

  • Royal and Romantic – Udaipur Lake Palace Hotel

(Background music: Beautiful local folk song “Kesaria Balam, Padharoni Mharo des” from Movie Dor)

  •  Lake Palace tour (Kuoni Advt.)

  • Palace view from Dusk till Dawn

  • Inside Lake Palace (Clips from visitors)

  • Welcome to Rajasthan- Rajansthan Tourism

Off course visit to palace comes with heavy price! As per some comments from visitors, suite cost ranges from about ~ $800 – $5000+ depending upon season and type of suite! For more details visit official website of Taj Hotels : here. 

Also, see official Rajasthan Tourism website: here

Namaste _/\_ “Padhaaro Mhare Dess”  🙂 

(Welcome to my place!)

Image credit: :”en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Udaipur”

Sources: Taj group of hotels, Lake Palace, Rajasthan Tourism, Incredible India, Wikipedia, Google search, Youtube, and other hyper-links mentioned in the post.

~ Himachal : The ‘mini Switzerland’ of India!

Himachal Pradesh (Pradesh means-State/Area) northern part of India (Near New Delhi), is blessed with beautiful Himalaya ranges, Rivers, Forests, and Natural landscapes. Visitors also call it a Mini-Switzerland of India!! It is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in India. Himachal Pradesh is most sought destination for Adventure sports, Camping, Trekking, Ropeway, Hiking , Mountain biking, Snow/Winter Sports, Yoga & Meditation, and full of many peaceful heavenly hill stations with beautiful Himalaya view which will refresh you.

Best time to visit Himachal is from October till June. Check following official websites.

For other top destination list, festivals, details about adventure sports , winter sports, time to visit, accommodations,etc visit official Himachal tourism site- here. Also, see Government of Himachal Pradesh website – here.  See official Himachal Tourism Youtube play list.

Adventure tourism @ Himachal :

“The Bucket list” for Himachal Pradesh:

  • Road Trip to Breath-taking Himalaya Valley/Ranges

One more clip – here

One more clip – here

Must visit places in Himachal Pradesh:

  • Dharamshala   (Buddhist pilgrim place, Hill Station). More information here

More videos on Himachal beauty – here at Youtube playlist

Image credit: “en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Khajjiar.jpg”

Sources: Google search, YouTube, Himachal Tourism, Govt of Himachal links, Incredible India website, Wikipedia and other links provided in the post.