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Mr. Arvaind Gupta is a famous toy innovator/maker. He is specialized in making toys from trash using scientific principles. It also helps kids to learn and play. He also has collection of various free e-books. You can also find various e-books and articles here in English and two other Indian languages (Hindi and Marathi).

Visit his website here – http://arvindguptatoys.com/

Types of e-books (downloadable) includes:

  • Books on Toys from Trash,
  • Books on Science,
  • Books fro Children,
  • Books on Education,
  • Community Health Guides,
  • Astronomy,
  • Scientists,
  • World Peace,
  • Environment,
  • Isaac Asimov’s Science Facts Masterpieces,
  • English Translation of Russian Classics, Inspiring Books,
  • Books by Laurie Baker,
  • Science Cosmic/Pictures Books by Prof. Jean-Pierre Petit,
  • Rationality, Justice , Democracy Books by Justice R.A.Jahagirdar,
  • Books by Prof. J.P. Naik (Distinguished Indian Educationist),
  • Books by D.D. Kosambi (Bitth Centenary 2007).

Mr. Arvind Gupta’s YouTube Play list showing How To Make Various Toys From Trash and also see Index (links) for various other Toy Making Clips from Trash  . He was also invited at famous TED Talks see here

Toy making clips are available in Following Foreign Languages : Toy Making from Trash in Spanish

A nice collection of hundreds of books and films/clips!

Many of you may be using this for reading/downloading free books. You can search name of books. You will receive list of books, both free and paid. Select free e-book and start reading. Some e-books are downloadable some are not, it depends on website rules.

To get all free e-books .use filter “Store” and then choose “Free only”. For example,   I have used “India” as search term for free e-books. See results which show all e-books available free about India- here.

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