~ Endanger Indian Tiger population increases by 30% to 2226 in past 3 years

Tiger = Forest = Eco friendly livable life on the Earth…a simple Indian ancient calculation for human being to check where we are heading! Good News for humanity, we aren’t that bad, still allowing other species to live and prosper happily!

Today Government of India share a good news, due to efforts from Government, concern individuals and wildlife fans, Indian Tiger population has increased from 1411 in 2008, 1706 in 2011 and 2226 in 2014, a jump of about 30% this time!

 So, Acche Din (good days) for Tigers! 🙂 🙂

Other species are very Descliplined, Loves Nature , Live Sustainable lifestyle, Honest, Innocent and far better than we Human beings!!

Truly, Indian Tiger Researves are one of must visit place before die!

Enjoy Thriller of Tiger Photography at various Researved Forests in India:

Thank you brave photographers for sharing such nice clicks to us.

Click any picture to watch slide show

For details, read full reports:


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Photo credit: Various pics from google search (isigo-com, chavakolara-com, exploreindiantours-blogspot-in, bestholidayfinder-wordpress, travelfairindia-com, team-bhp-com, conservationindia-org, indialine-com,cltureholidays-com, panda-org, balajitourtravel-com, hemawagh26-wordpress,panthera-org,northindia-tour,discoveryfullcircle-com.)

Sources: google search, Ministry of Environment -Government of India tiger Saving project, wikipedia, wordpress, Discovery, National geogrophic,blogspot, all links mentioned in the post.


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