~ Household Food Waste to Energy: Award Winning Portable Biogas Plants

Prestigious ASHDEN award winning eco-friendly (odour-free) technologies which converts household waste  food/fruit/plant to energy (Methane gas) for cooking / heating / flame / stove & effluent is sent to garden as bio-fertilizer. This Portable Odour-free Unit, made as per your size requirements,  can be fitted at home / roof top or in garden outside.

Pune-India based Appropriate Rural Technology Institute (ARTI) and Kerala based BIOTECH-India have designed two different compact technologies specially for home / society use. Hundreds of households are already using these technologies to save Energy bills for cooking, heating, etc and BIOTECH India is also producing electricity from their unit.

For more information and technical details, contact ARTI and BIOTECH India directly through their respective website:

  • @ ARTI-India.org
  • @ biotech-india.org
  •  More about ASHDEN Awards for Sustainable Energy@ Wikipedia

These technologies do not cost much and also easy for maintenance. Its very useful for villages/towns where waste disposal is a big problem. Hope in other parts of India (and Abroad); people will use these eco-freindly technologies to dispose-off their food waste effectively and also save energy bills.

ASHDEN award documentary on ARTI-India, Pune Technology

ASHDEN Award documentary on BIOTECH-India, Kerala Technology

Note: This is not an advertisement. Its a normal post to develop awareness for eco-friendly technologies. These  technologies are for household purposes and got charitable ASHDEN awards as they are doing good service to the society.

Sources: ARTI India website, BIOTECH-India website, Youtube, Google search, Ashden, Wikipedia, and other links in the post. Image source-Wikipedia