~ Ahhhh it’s Doomsday today! :)

Dear  Guys n Gals,

As per the previous published reports….its Doomsday or 2012 phenomenon.. today…..which means the world will end today- Friday, 21st-Dec-2012! oooooppppssss….

and here is my current status:

…..my internet connection is still working fine….I’m doing nothing but routine stuffs…. …….& I am still on the Earth!!

What about you?

Cheers..have fun 🙂

P.S.: If you’re still curious read my theory: why world will not End in December 2012 here


~ 12-12-12 : “12” Interesting News & Celebrations Worldwide!!

Today is 12/12/12….an unusual date that comes once in 100 years! We are lucky to witness such event. Though some philosopher will say it is just a date ; a normal and routine day in our life on the earth! But, as we have started following English calender worldwide since last 2012 years, it is an unique date in our  calender. Well, I think, we should commemorate this ‘exclusive’ date .

So, I wanted to do something different today which will be memorable and I will cherish it for my life! After taking some snaps on 12:12 today, it was over. What next??? hmmm…I was thinking from a bloggers perspective……many ideas popped in my head..

– how about posting 12 interesting posts today OR  a post on 12:12 pm and am!! OR 12 good photos taken today?…etc etc…

After long (12 minute) thinking…i finally decided to collect 12 “Interesting” 12/12/12 news and events happened across the world today! See my 12 pick ups regarding 12/12/12 lucky/unusual date! Hope you will enjoy it….

  1. An Indian couple Engaged on 10/10/10, registered on 11/11/11, to get married on 12/12/12. See here
  2. 12 things to be thankful for 12/12/12. See here
  3. Its 12/12/12! Marry Me! See here
  4. Meet boy who turn 12 precisely 12:12pm on 12/12/12. See here
  5. Lucky moments: 12:12pm 12/12/12. See here
  6. Photos on lucky date 12/12/12. See here
  7. Race to alter on the luckiest date of the year : newlyweds and new mums celebrate 12.12.12. See here
  8. Couples take last unusual weeding date of the century. Read here
  9. Asia marks lucky 12/12/12 with mass weddings. Read news here
  10. 12 babies are born in same hospital in India on 12-12-12! Read news here
  11. The meaning of 12/12/12 to numerologists,newlyweds, doomsdayers and birthday boys alike. Read story here
  12. Demand for weddings and C-sections soar as brides and moms-to-be take advantage of last triple digit date for 100 years .Read full story here

Have fun and celebrate this “interesting” date with your dear ones / friends….

I won’t mind getting at least 12 ‘likes’ for this post toady!! 😛

Sources: Google search and respective mentioned news sites.

~ Why World Will Not End On 21st-December-2012!! :)


  •  My astrologer told me I won’t die so early!
  • Women are not done with their Shopping yet!
  • Guys are still paying their Bank Loan Instalments…….Wait till they repay all!
  • They said “Four More Years“!
  • Ice in Antarctica is not completely melted!
  • We have not yet been to Pandora (planet from Avatar movie)!
  •  “Dabangg 2” movie will release on 21st Dec 2012! (Our dear Robin hood cop ‘Dabangg Pande’ a.k.a. ‘ Chulbul Pande ’ doesn’t like such nonsense)..See introduction (clip) to Chulbul pande here 🙂
  • Girls are still 16 and women are 18!
  • Boys are still boys !
  • James Bond has not danced on Bollywood Songs!
  • We haven’t purchased Real Estate/Property on Moon & Mars!
  • Humans are still delivered from Womb, not from “factories” !
  •  There is Christmas celebration on 25th December 2012….We know GOD is kind and he likes celebration n prayers.
  • Bachelors are still waiting for their turn to get “Dream partner” and to have babies…
  • Grandpas n Grannies are still waiting for their Grandchildren!
  • Many parties are planned across the world on 31st-Dec-2012 night! World can’t afford more wastage of money….there is recession already!
  • We have not yet fully bailed out Recession affected countries!
  • Walmart has not yet opened stores in India!
  • Millions of guys n gals still didn’t get chance to have “ ……” (You know what I mean!!)…So, they won’t die before doing  ‘Thats-Why-You-Are-Born’ type Karma!
  • Harry Potter doesn’t have a kid yet!
  • We have not yet seen debut Hollywood film of ‘Suri Cruise ’ (Tom & Katie’s cute daughter)

and finally… Yanna Rascala….Mind It !!

  • Nature is still waiting for Rajanikanth’s approval…..Case is still pending!

Feel free to add/suggest your reasons below…..

Cheers..Have fun 😀

Sources: Wikipedia, google search and respective links mentioned.

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