By Decolonizing Mathematics, Decolonize Science and Western education: Prof C K Raju lectures

History is about Future not Past. West is using science and maths education for decolonization. Leading Mathematician Prof C.K Raju shows how to decolonize western education.

How west is teaching Mystery, Myths and Superstitions in the name of Science education to us.

Prof C.K Raju is World’s leading Mathematician, Computer Scientist of our time with many books, articles. He has corrected errors in Newton and Einstein equations/ calculus.

He simplified calculus using ancient Hindu Mathematicians like Aryabhatta, Bhaskar, Sulabhsutra, etc.

Prof Raju conducts Decolonizing Maths and Science courses in various Universities in India, Malaysia, Iran, South Africa, etc.

He teaches simplified calculus in 7 days, which by western standard will take months.

His book “Is Science Western Origin?” argues with facts how mathematics and science originated in India reached via Egypt/Gulf to Europe.

He proved in his latest book that EUCLID, Father of Geometry as propagated by west never existed! Learn whole lecture about this lie and propaganda done to Appropriate/Copy ancient Indian / Egyptian knowledge to western set up!

So, how in simple steps you can Decolonize Maths, decolonize Science and western education.

Part 1- Goodbye Euclid – Decolonizing Maths by Prof C K Raju

Part 2- Goodbye Euclid – Decolonizing Maths by Prof C K Raju

Part 3- Goodbye Euclid – Decolonizing Maths by Prof C K Raju

Famous Books by Prof C K Raju:

Other interesting lectures by C K Raju:

“Academic Imperialism”  at the International Conference on Academic Imperialism held at Al-Zahra University in Tehran, on 1-2 May 2010

“Decolonizing Time” MaerzMusik Festival, Berlin

Calculus: Ganita or Math? at IISC Bangalore

Calculus: The Real Story at MIT,USA

Complete History of Maths and Science (4 part interview by Malaysian prof)

Raju interviewed by Claude Alvares (2013)

Resisting Hegemony: International Meeting on Resisting Hegemony held 2-5 August 2010 in Penang, Malaysia (2010)

A Tale of Two Calendars: Why Indians should use Indian Calendar and not Gregorian Calendar, which has serious errors

Image credit: Prof C K raju lecture screenshot

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~ Why Western Left /Right Wing Theory not applicable in India

Another wrong colonized gaze on Hindus/Indians! Famous Researcher is explaining in short clip why Western Left/Right wing concepts don’t fit in India. Colonized brainwashed and some ignorant crowd in Indian media/history/literature/sociology/politics still label Left/Right wing to differentiate two thoughts while discussing politics or sociology.

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~ Breaking Media Stereotypes: Exploring heritage & culture of Iran

Generally media & news only showcase one side of any country as they are told & paid for! Here an American tourist is exploring beautiful side of Iran- its culture , landscapes, palaces, heritage, warm & hospitable local people!  

Again proves that the best way to find ground reality is by visiting & witnessing that country personally and not to judge others on the basis of Media propaganda or some historical books!

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~ Famous TED talk @ Vedic Mathematics

Vedic Mathematics  is an ancient Indian mathematics .  It is very easy and has simple tricks to solve difficult calculations instantly. Maths students, IAS exam/GRE/GMAT/SAT/CAT aspirants, and kids enjoy this as they save time and energy to solve complex mathematical calculations. Mr. Gaurav Tekriwal is a Vedic Maths teacher. Watch his famous TED talk.

Why India Should Be Proud Of Vedic Maths @ TEDxGateWay

More videos from Mr. Gaurav @ Youtube Playlist

My other relevant post on Vedic Maths:  Vedic Mathematics : Why and How To Learn

Important Vedic maths Resources/Books/Links/Mobile Apps:

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~ Happy Independence Day


On 15th August 1947 India got Independence. This 15th August 2013, India is celebrating its 66th B’day!! Salute to INDIA with National Anthem ‘Jana Gana Mana’ , beautifully composed by A. R. Rahman and posturized by Bharatbala Productions along with various Gems of India in the field of music (Flute- Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, sitar,  etc) and singing (Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Pandit Jasraj, Jagjit Singh,  Kavita Krushnamurthy, Bhupen Hazarika, and others).

Vande Matarm ( I bow to thee , mother), Patriotic Poem by Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay

Sources: Youtube, Bharatbala productions, A R Rahman, Wikipedia, Google search, and other links in the post.

~ Lonar Crater Lake,India : Unique World heritage site created due to impact of a Meteor (Star)

Lonar lake  is created due to the impact of a large 1.8 km diameter Meteor (shooting star); about 50000 years ago! It is a unique green coloured saline soda water lake ( Alkaline: pH ~ 13) with other salts and minerals which are different from local soil. Lonar is situated at central part of India, in district of Buldhana, Maharashtra State. Site is very special for Geologist/Astronomers to study rocks and surfaces on other planets  or stars. Pune-India based Universe of Amateur Astronomers (Khagol Vishwa) also conducted various studies on Lonar Lake (For information and photos visit here ).This important site has also got attention recently after important discovery that this crater has similarity to the  craters on the Mars surface (see full reports here and here).

Many local and international scientists, activists, students and socialists are campaigning  to consider Lonar Crater Lake in the list of UNESCO World Heritage site.

Lonar is now a very famous tourist site. It is well connected by road. You can hire a taxi from nearest cities (close to Mumbai) such as Nagpur or Aurangabad  in Maharashtra state.

See informative documentary on Lonar Lake below.

Lonar Lake Documentary (Devharsh Productions)

Lonar Lake among India’s 7 Wonders

Other informative articles on Lonar Lake:

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