~ In India…Diversity is Nationality

Powerful & informative talk by Capt. Raghu Raman on how in India “Diversity is Nationality”…”Unity in Diversity” is National Culture…

Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism/ Buddhism/ Jainism/ Sikhism) actually Celebrates Diversity!

Dharma = Cosmos/ Nature’s laws = Living in harmony with Diverse Nature

Dharma = Cosmos/Nature’s order (not human Order)

Dharma = Living with Mutual Respect ( not just Tolerance! )

Dharma = Pluralism / Togetherness / Sense of Belonging

Strange; in Western Abrahmic countires, they consider Diversity is Chaos or Problematic….They hate Diversity or Multiculturilism.

So, they try to impose their Dogmas/Rules/Laws on other culture/faith under democratically carved term of establishing “ORDER”…

Diversity is a basic characterisitc of Nature… See- Plants, Fruits, Animals, Landscapes, Colours, even Cosmos….

Still  why western Abrahmics faiths/cultures hates Diversity??

Watch: Diversity is Nationality by Capt Raghu Raman (TEDx Mumbai)

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Image Credit: TEDx Mumbai, India
Sources: TEDX Mumbai, Youtube, Google search, and all links in the post.


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