1. Ganesh Festival Special : “Modak” (Indian Sweet) Recipe
  2. Mother’s Secret Recipe: How To Make Indian Spices Mix (Garam Masala)
  3. Pani-Puri Recipe: How to make Crispy ‘Puri’
  4. Indian Sweets Rasgulla and Rasmalai Recipes
  5. Instant and Ready-To-Eat Indian Foods
  6. Indian Thali (Plate/Dish) Meal
  7. Science and Logic Behind Indian Thali (Plate/Dish) Meal
  8. Recipes for famous Indian Chutney
  9. Delicious Indian Rice “BIRYANI” Recipe
  10. How to Make Vegetable SAMOSA
  11. How to make Coconut “BARFI” (Indian sweet/Dessert for festival)

3 thoughts on “CUISINE / FOODS

  1. You will spoilt for choices if you enter an Indian restaurant. It will have more than 300 items on the menu. It caters all possible tastes and has many different spices. You will not find this in any other country’s cuisine.


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