~ Tiger and Dragon : Discussion About “Chindia” – Part 3

Part 3 from series of discussions about “Chindia” (term derived to understand China and India together) in current rapidly changing era of Globalization.

See my previous discussions here –  PART 1 and PART 2

  • Mapping the future of countries (Mr. Parag Khanna)

He is a Geopolitical expert, full details at TED site here

  • New Market : Chindia and US business

Speaker: Mr. Jagdish Sheth, Author of the book ‘Chindia Rising‘.Extract from this book at Rediff. Also, available at Google Books and Amazon  for buying.Host: Mr.John Bersia , UCFTV.

  • Down the ages: China and India

Related News Coverage on Chindia:

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~ Tiger and Dragon : Discussion About “Chindia” – Part 2

To understand new globalized world especially  about India and China (in short Chindia).; here is a collection of interesting TED Talks,News, Debate, Discussion and Information.

Watch  Part-1 – Tiger and Dragon : Discussion About “Chindia”

  • Asia’s Rise – How and When

(Mr. Hans Rosling, Swedish Doctor, academician, statistician and public speaker)

  • Behind The Great Firewall of China

(Mr. Michael Anti aka jing Zhao about Social Networking Control & Microbloggers)

  • Understanding The Rise of China

( By Martin Jacques, Author, Editor, PhD)

  • The Global Power Shift

( Paddy Ashdown, British Politician and Diplomat)

  • Dr. Swamy on China, India and US

Dr. Subramanian Swamy ,  PhD in Economics from Harvard, Author of many books including few on China and India, Economist, Academician, Politician , Thinker. Full Internview by CTS Tv Canada here.

TO BE CONTINUED…..see part 3 in next post.

Sources: YouTube, Wikipedia, TED talks and other hyper-links mentioned in the post.

~ Tiger and Dragon : Discussion about “Chindia” – Part 1

Interesting collection of various TED Talk, discussions and News debates about world’s top two most populated countries India and China (also referred as Chindia). Although, both countries have  over 1 billion population and  ancient roots; but they are very different from each other in terms of Politics, Demography, Culture, Race, Languages, Religion/Faith, Mindset, Landscapes/Soil, Climate, History and Heritage. Overall China is more homogeneous and India is very Diverse in all aspects. One thing is probably common that both countries are trying to acquire their  lost ancient glory! See how India and China were World’s top 2 countries in terms of GDP till 1950 here. Also, see Indian History in brief from stone age till now (here) and China Civilization in brief (here).

Hope both will adopt Inclusive and Sustainable growth approach for future and will not just focus on high GDP or per Capita Income model (read ‘Rat Race’)!

Selected YouTube Clips about Chindia discussion

  • Mr. Francis Fukuyama ( Stanford University) about India and China History at Carnegie Council Event-2011.

  • Interesting Discussion Covering Some Comparison between India And China On some factors like, Demography, Age, Education, Political System, Status of Infrastructure etc.  Via The Agenda With Steve Paikin at TVO channel Canada here

  • Jim Pinto At TEDx 2010 about “Chindia”

  • Print, Electronic and Broadcast Media Growth In Asia (Indian and China). Watch full discussion at Dubai press club event 2010 about Asia Rising – India and China Story on YouTube links:  Part-1 and Part 2

Watch This Space For More On This Topic…

Watch Part 2- Tiger and Dragon : Discussion About “Chindia”


Sources: Youtube, Wikipedia, Google Search, TVO News, TEDx and Other Hyper-links mentioned in the post.

~ Late Marriage Trend Among Women in India and China

Be it a career, further education goals, high income lifestyle, inflation, independence or search of true love, women in China and India are postponing wedding bells! But, it doesn’t come easy as there are parental pressure, social pressure and social stigma attached to woman who wishes to marry late. Surprisingly,  in China, if girl is single and 27 years or above, she is labelled as “Leftover Woman”. What is the real reason? Why so many women are choosing to marry late? Economic boom or Inflation is to blame? Watch this interesting discussion in Al Jazeera English News show.

Also, in recent years divorce rate has reached to historical high in both countries (though it is still less compare to western world). A Chinese author mentioned in her discussion that in China the divorce rate of couples below 30 years age is whopping 57%. Similarly, India is also witnessing high divorce rates among young couples since last few years. One of the intersting points made in this discussion is:  its becoming difficult for “Poor guy or High-Educated/Income Girl” to marry early!

Watch this Al Jazeera English News discussion:

Sources: Al Jazeera English News, Goolge search, YouTube.