~ Save the Sparrows (Birds)

Sparrows (Birds) are fast declining/vanishing from cities due to Pollution, Mobile Tower Radiations, Climate Change, Rapid Urbanization, Cutting Tree , etc., which is also a sign of ecological imbalance! Some citizens in India showed simple solution to save Sparrows (birds) by putting ‘eco-friendly nest’ at roof-tops and providing them some grains/water. To spread awareness, save birds and maintain nature’s balance; 20th March is celebrated as World sparrow day. Watch initiatives and success stories in clips below.

CNNIBN: Gujarat woman works to save vanishing  Sparrow

TimesNow: Song of sparrow

Success Stories:

Project Save Sparrows: Putting Food Pan Above Trees

See how we can do this simple step at our home to save the Sparrow

Watch News9 story: Save Sparrow documentary and Doordarshan  (Hindi)- Special programme on Word Sparrow Day

Read other interesting articles:

Sources: Youtube, Wikipedia, Goggle search, TimesofIndia, CNNIBN, the Hindu, BNHS, NEws9, doordarshan, Timesnow, and other hyperlinks mentioned in the post.Image credit-wikipedia


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