~ Science Behind Eating With Hands

Do we hold our baby wearing Hand gloves? OR Do we like to express Love through interpreter? No!! Then what’s the problem in eating meal with your own hands, if it has following scientific benefits??  “Eating food with your hands feeds not only the body but also the mind and spirit” says Ancient Hindu Vedic Wisdom and also being promoted in many other culture/civilizations across the world since ages.

Touching the food before eating ignites Agni (fire) element of body and allows body prepares according to the temperature of food , smell , type (slurry or solid), viscosity, and some idea about taste which helps in digestion of food.

Hand touch improves consciousness of the taste , texture type, etc. Also, it improves pleasure of eating as all sensors are involved in food eating process (hand-touch/feel, eye-color, nose – aroma).

Mudras ( Hand gestures/fingers) are integral part of Indian classical dance.

Also, Mudras are very important in Meditation to circulate positive energy inside body.

Eating food with your hands does have various scientific benefits:

  • It ignites Agni (Fire) element in body before food reaching to stomach & body prepares for digestion according to the type of food coming inside

  • Body gets ready with required enzymes, amino acids, etc before even food going into mouth, All body sensors starts its actions and become alert for food.

  • Gurufeet blog says eating with hands improves “Energetic cleansing of food”

  • ” Eating with hands evokes great emotion, it kindles something very warm and gentle and caressing” says Julie Sahni, a new york based chef, according to the published report on how eating with hands is healthier at guardianlv.com.

  • Also, by using utensils while eating makes process more mechanical where as hand touch makes it more physical and engages in eating body /sensors in eating process.

  • Easy in cutting and breaking of food with hands,

  • Improves consciousness

  • Healthy way as it helps in digestion process,

  • Improves sense of pleasure of eating

  • It is spiritual and mindful experience,

  • Get a feel of temperature before going to mouth

  • It s all about practice and habit, once your start using hands for eating it becomes routine and also you will feel it is more convenient way.

  • If you are wondering about Hygiene, you can wash your hands before and after the meal with soap or finger bowls as served in Indian restaurants. 

Slideshow: Its not just in Indian culture  but Worldwide there is  practice of Eating with Hands. So, its okay and cool to eat with own hands!

Photo credits: Screen shots from various links given at top of each photo.

Sources: google search,guardianlv.com, Hindu Human rights website, Gurusfeet.com, and all links mentioned in the post.


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