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~ Full Om Namah Shivay Chant

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~ Devotion: Power of Prayers (Bhajan)

Simple, Soothing, Peaceful, Heart Touching/Warming, Meaningful, Healing , beautiful devotional prayer from Academy Award nominated (2001) Hindi movie  Lagaan  (means Land Tax). Feel the Power of Devotion and Bhajan (Prayers) though this song!

Song Theme: Helpless & drought affected poor villagers, after trying everything they could,  pray to God (Krishna) to give them Strength to defeat British rulers (colonial regime year 1893 in India), who were demanding more Land Tax (Lagaan) which was unbearable to villagers.

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About Song/Movie:

WATCH beautiful O Palanhare (O Saviour) prayer with English Subtitles

 Bhajan/Deviational Dance in Lagaan Movie :


Devotion: Bhajan (Prayer) in Lagaan (2001) Movie



Radha-Krishna Dance Song (Aamir Khan & Gracy Singh) in Lagaan (2001) Movie

Image credits: Lagaan Song clips

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