~ Most awaited movie from India – Baahubali 2 Trailer

After huge success worldwide and ending first part on high note “Why Katappa killed Baahubali?”  (movie characters)…”Bahubali 2″ Trailer is out..movie will release on 28 April 2017…No surprize..Trailer got 8 million+ hits within 12 hours! 😀

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~ This is why International Media is unfair to India

Karolina Goswami of “IndiaInDetails” channel, a westerner on her journey to India. She is shocked to know why Western media hides truth about India from the world. This is her short documentary on India. Check clip below.

Good to know people in West now realized their fake Media propoganda, Govt. PR baises and systematic “Western exceptionalism” brainwashing to fool its own people.

Western countries deliberately kept their people under dark by brainwashing them that they are the best and superiors to any other country in every sense!

Western civilization failed to understand simple rule in life…Unless child knows his/her  strength and weaknesses , he/she can’t succeed in life!

Success comes daily improving and omiting one bad thing within you! One day there will be only best in you….in short this process is called –

DNA upgradation = Moksha (liberation) in Hinduism  🙂

On the other hand, unlike in Western countries, India never shy to accept it has flaws, but address it openly and now continuesliy marching ahead by fixing it. 

Stay positive..don’t bother about others negative opinion  about you….one day you will definately win #Karma  🙂

Watch: Why is the international media unfair to India? by Karolina Goswami



Image credit; India In detail clip
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~ Father Daughter Love…. #MoneyCantBuyThis

Both facing poverty, but Daughter still sees her Dad as King…and he sees her as his whole World…This is what money can’t buy…



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~ In India…Diversity is Nationality

Powerful & informative talk by Capt. Raghu Raman on how in India “Diversity is Nationality”…”Unity in Diversity” is National Culture…

Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism/ Buddhism/ Jainism/ Sikhism) actually Celebrates Diversity!

Dharma = Cosmos/ Nature’s laws = Living in harmony with Diverse Nature

Dharma = Cosmos/Nature’s order (not human Order)

Dharma = Living with Mutual Respect ( not just Tolerance! )

Dharma = Pluralism / Togetherness / Sense of Belonging

Strange; in Western Abrahmic countires, they consider Diversity is Chaos or Problematic….They hate Diversity or Multiculturilism.

So, they try to impose their Dogmas/Rules/Laws on other culture/faith under democratically carved term of establishing “ORDER”…

Diversity is a basic characterisitc of Nature… See- Plants, Fruits, Animals, Landscapes, Colours, even Cosmos….

Still  why western Abrahmics faiths/cultures hates Diversity??

Watch: Diversity is Nationality by Capt Raghu Raman (TEDx Mumbai)

Watch collection of famous TED talks by Indians in 2 part series:

Part 1: Best TED TAlks by Indians
Part 2: TED Talks by Indians



Image Credit: TEDx Mumbai, India
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~ Hymn For The Weekend, featuring Incredible India

“Hymn For The Weekend” by ColdPlay (British band, lead vocalist Chris Martin), is current US/British top music video 2016, was shoot in India…See old places, festive colours, old single theatres, ponds, temples, Castles, Landscapes and Riversides….guess it features Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor ?? (check pics below)

Get High on Weekend 😛 😀 :8

Official Video: Hymn For The Weekend -ColdPlay

IncredibleIndia-14Incredible-India-6Diwali-Lamp-Sadhu-Sage-IndiaIncredible-India-71Incredible-India-18 2 3 4 5   Is she Bollywood Acctress Sonam Kappor in video?Incredible-India-9 Incredible-India-10 Incredible-India-11   Incredible-India-15 Incredible-India-16 Incredible-India-17 Incredible-India-19Incredible-India-8Incredible-India-12Incredible-India-13 Incredible-India-Namaste

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~ Mumbai Central Railway station got FREE Wi-Fi via RailTEL-Google partnership

Lage Raho India!
As part of Govt’s ambitious #DigitalIndia initiative connecting 1.25 billion Indians….now  “Aamchi” Mumbai got FREE Indian RailWire Wi-Fi from today!

Indian Railways compamy RailTel in partnership with Google-India will provide high speed FREE Wifi (RailWire) to 400 big Railway stations across India….People loving the high speed for FREE

Mumbai Central RailWire Wifi: Waiting for your train in Mumbai? How about stream

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Additionally, Indian Railway has now its own indegeneous company RailTEL connecting all its railway stations and offices, which means 45000 KM strong high speed fiber network across India covering 4500 Town and Cities. This is additional to already available State owned BSNL.


BTW, Google Inc CEO Mr Sundar Pichai is from Chennai-India..so he has already inaugurated first facility to Chennai already 🙂

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi shakes hands with Google CEO Sundar Pichai at the Google campus in Mountain View, CaliforniaBelow: Railway Minister Mr Suresh Prabhu inaugerating FREE Wi-fi at Mumbai Central Railway Station- 22 Jan 2015.

Mumbai-Central-Wi-fiIndia is building its own indegeneous optic fibre network all across India, which is one of the largest networks in the world!

India is among very few countries which has its own optic fibre lines via unerground sea network connecting  whole of the earth!

India-Optic-Fiber-Network-GlobeIndian Govt also providing all major Tourist destinations with FREE Wi-fi in few months in partnership with State owned BSNL.

READ-Taj Mahal becomes FREE Wi-fi destiantion

How RailTel FREE Wi-Fi works:

RailTel-GoogleIndia-Free-WifiRailTel Steps-RailTel RailWire-Google-India-Free-WiFi


Image Credit: Google India, Reuters-Indianexpress, Rail Ministry india, Twitter.

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