~ TED Talks by Indians

Collection of Indian origin Speaker’s presentations which are listed  in Top 1000 TED Talks . Watch Inspiring, Informative and fascinating talks from various famous personalities. Also, see previous post for more TED talks:

=>   Best Indian Speakers at TED talks (part 1)

The Child-Driven Education

He is a Prize Winner – Best TED Talk of 2013

( Dr. Sugata Mitra : Professor at Newcastle University (UK), Hole In Wall Project  )

Imaging at a trillion frames per second

(Prof Ramesh Raskar : MIT Media Lab – USA)

Anand Agarawala demos Bump Top

( Software Developer and inventor of Bump Top software)

Why nations should pursue “Soft” power

(Shashi Tharoor: Former Senior Advisor to UN secretary-General, Author  & Indian Politician)

Winning In India: Ideas To Succeed @Indian Market

(Ravi Venkatesan, Former Chairman-Microsoft India, MBA-Harvard)

A Rosetta Stone for the Indus Script

( Dr. Rajesh Rao : Computational Neuroscientist)

The Ecosystem For Innovation In India

(Preetha Pulusani, CEO of a Tech Start-up)

How I started a sanitary napkin revolution!

(Arunachalam Muruganantham : Innovator and Businessman)

3 clues to understanding your brain

(VS Ramachandran : Scientist)

We are the Stories we tell ourselves

( Shekhar Kapoor : Actor, Director, Film Personality)

Caring for Engineering tissues

(Nina Tandon: Tissue Engineer at MIT and Columbia)

Teaching one child at a time

( Shukla Bose: Founder and Head of Parikrma Humanity Foundation)

Information is food

(JP Rangaswami : Technologist)

 Actually, the world isn’t flat!

(Prof at Panjak Ghemawat : IESE Business School-Spain and Author of “World 3.0” )

Sheena Iyengar: The Art of Choosing

Image source: “en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Pranavmistry.jpg”

Sources: TED Talks, Google search, Wikipedia and others hyper-links mentioned in the post.


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