~ Best Indian Speakers at TED Talks

About TED Talks :

“Technology, Entertainment, Design “ in short TED is a non-profit organization devoted to organizing conferences across the world and bring together prominent personalities in the field of Technology, Entertainment and Design. Their motto is providing platform to “Ideas Worth Spreading”. Here, I will collect impressive talks at TED conferences from Indian origin speakers. Kindly keep visiting frequently for updates. Many talks given below are among all-time “TOP 1000 TED Talks “ list.

 Watch Part-2 : New TED Talks from Indian Speakers (listed among top 1000 Best TED talks)

Robot that fly ….and cooperate

(Prof. Vijay Kumar, University of Pennsylvania-US)

Learning From A Barefoot Movement

( By: Mr. Bunker Roy. This is  “One of the most viewed talks” at TED)

East Vs West – The Myths That Mystify

(Devdutt Pattanaik– Doctor, mythologist & Chief Belief Officer at Future Group)

The Thrilling Potential Of SixthSense Technology

(Pranav Mistry (http://www.pranavmistry.com – PhD Student at MIT,USA)

Pattie Maes and Pranav Mistry Demo SixthSense

(Researcher at MIT)

Turning Trash Into Toys For Learning

(Mr. Arvind Gupta , Enginner, Toy Innovator- who makes toys from Trash- Website)

Dr. Vijay Bhatkar- India’s Initiative and Rise in Exascale SuperComputing -TEDxNagpur
Dr Bahtkar is father of Indian supercomputer technology i.e. PARAM. He established C-DAC-Pune centre to train Indians into Software and Hardware Technologies and Supercomputing.In a way he is also father of India’s IT revolution!

New Era of Technology and Computing: Dr. Vijay Bhatkar at TEDxSIBMPune

Do you your India? by Mr S Gurumurthy -TEDxSRM
He is a Chartard Accountant, public speaker, Writer, former editor of IndianExpress, Indian Civilization expert, Public intellectual.

Why nations should pursue “Soft” power

(Shashi Tharoor: Former Senior Advisor to UN secretary-General, Author  & Indian Politician)

A Police Chief With A Difference

(Kiran Bedi-India’s top cop, social activist)

India’s Invisible Innovation

(Nirmalya Kumar, Prof at London Business School)

10 Young Indian Artists To watch

(Ravin Agrawal, Market Investor)

Nandan Nilekani’s Ideas For India’s Future

(Co-founder of Infosys Ltd, Author of “Imagining India”)

India’s Hidden Hotbeds Of Invention

(Anil Kumar Gupta, Researcher-Honey Bee Network)

The Rise Of Cricket, The Rise Of India

(Harsha Bhogle, Sports Anchor, Commentator, Entrepreneur)

The Ancient Ingenuity of Water harvesting

(Anupam Mishra, Smart water Management, India)

Kiran Bir Sethi Teachers Kids To Take Charge

(Founder of Riverside School, Ahmedabad)

UPDATED TALKS (20-Dec-2012):

Indian Thinker – Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

(Guru/Yogi. Runs ISHA Foundation – Non-profit, non-religious organization)

Sources: TED Talks, YouTube, Wikipedia and others hyper-links provided in post. Image credit- wikipedia

11 thoughts on “~ Best Indian Speakers at TED Talks

    • Hi Kiran, Thank you!… I’m glad you like my post.Here I’ve collected only most viewed/popular talks by desi speakers. I will update list as soon as I’ll find more.Your suggestions / feedbacks / comments are welcome…….BTW,I like your blog posts too. I will keep visiting….So,Happy blogging 🙂


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