~ Gangnam Style: Why Indians are not that excited!! :)

Gangnam  style  is now one of the most watched video on the youtube . See original song from PSY, a south korean singer here. Song and style of his dancing is making waves across the world. Though it is popular in India, I still wonder why Indians are not that excited and obsessed with it as western world? Why??

Because we release such “Gangnam’ ( a.k.a. Ganga-Ram  desi style!) desi avatar each Friday (Movies generally released on Friday across India/World) in our number of movies! You don’t believe me???…

See these desi Ganga-Ram , I mean Gangnam  type dance style in Indian cinema! 😀

Telugu song with Gangnam type dance (Original old Gola Gola  telugu song )

Bollywood (Hindi) songs Mesh-up/Remixed in Gangnam style

Hindi Chin ta ta song  (Parody)

Bollywood mesh up (Original song- desi boys)

Indian version Ft.Vijay (Parody)

Watch Bollywood + Gangnam style fusion for flash mob!

P.S.: These are collections of videos (unknown users) from YouTube. Kindly take it for fun and in humorous way and not against anybody. Original efforts and credit goes to PSY for his great innovative Gangnam Style. Thank you PSY for such an entertaining style and music.

Sources: YouTube, Wikipedia, Google search and links mentioned in post


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