~ New defination,Media=(Negativity + Confusion + Propaganda)

See some of patterns of Negative & biased media reporting…New definition of NEWS reporting is rapidly changing worldwide to=>

 NEWS = [Biased + Negativity + Confusion + Propaganda]

Professor John Robertson (watch first clip below), Media & Politics , disclosing his research on media Covering Scotland’s Independence Referendum scheduled to be held on18th Sept 2014.

Same thing is being witnessed in pre & post Indian election 2014…Tune to any News channel in India today, you’ll find mostly Negative news reporting (Rapes, Flood, Crimes, Debates, Tension, Accidents, etc)…as if only bad things are happening in life of 1.25 billion Indians!

Ground reality; many Indians don’t even bother to watch such propaganda NEWS, they are busy in their own life, their own little world…busy in enjoying Festivals with families now 🙂

 Real definition of NEWS should be:

 NEWS = [Truth + Awareness + Showing all angles to topic + Unbiased views]

 Some of Patterns of Negative Media Reporting:

  •  They start with Negative quote about the topic

  • Get other views in the middle to weaken it

  • End with your Propaganda & pre-decided quote so that it will be final word in viewer’s mind!

  • Repeat Negativity, Confusion & propaganda by showing news again and again for whole day, over weeks.. until people are fad up to see News regarding that topic ..so that pre-decided agenda will be only thing left in discussion further

  • Don’t tell viewers about real history and sequences happened in past about thetopic, directly jump to your own biased views and debate only there itself

  • Using tactics – If you can’t convince others , confuse them (viewers)

  • Get your (Paid) buddies on debate panel, they’ll directly jump on other views different than pre-decided agenda

  • Repeat your Paid buddies till they become “expert” in that topic in public eye…any further debate on the topic in any channel won’t be conducted without “expert views” from these ‘buddies’!

  • This and many more…

 So, how to find true answer?

Remember, only you can help yourself in this world!

Develop wisdom to find clear picture of the topic….some steps you can follow…

  • Never fall to any Propaganda/Marketing :

Consider it as just one of the views/opinions to the topic and try to find your own answer which you think good for you and your family

  •  Get Gyan:

Get all kinds of information and knowledge possible about the topic…

  •  Join Rangoli (Knowledge) dots:

Use your analytical / analogical mind to draw patterns or conclusion in the topic as per your current understanding..

  • Use your Sixth sense / intuition / inner voice:

You can understand your intuition if you are at Peace / calm internally! Develop it through Yoga (Pranayam) and deep Meditation..

  •  Confirm your conclusion:

Discuss with others till you get final confirmation to your concluded wisdom ….then go for it…

 Watch Prof John Robertson’s research on negative media reporting

Understand Scotland’s Independence Referendum 2014 through available short clips:

Photo Credit: globindian.wordpress.com

Sources: Google, Youtube user clips mentioned, and all links in the post.


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