~ Pokemon Cult finally reached India!


Sorry fans! As if there is shortage of LOOOOSERS in town…now one more S**t…


Augmented Reality Games/Animation =  Rape of  Subconscious Mind = Robotization of  Human = No alertness = Not living in moment = Addiction = Can’t think Right or Wrong = anti-Yogic state of mind!


  • One more risk of  Personal Data Theft,

  • One more reason for Road Accident,

  • One more headache for Cops @ safety

  • One more Headache to Parents,

  • One more reason for Rehab-Centre expenses,

  • One more S**t  in Life!


@ New Delhi

 @ Mumbai

@ Pawai-Mumbai

@ Shiv Vada Pav stall …on streets of Mumbai

Within month of launch crazy things are happening already….

Wish to  stay Alert, Aware, Stress-free?

Do this simple Anti-Addiction Meditation –

  • Sit Comfortably..

  • Close your eyes

  • Breathe Normally

  • Listen this music till you feel relax 🙂



  • Shanti (Peace @ inner World)

  • Shanti (Peace @ outer World)

  • Shanti  (Peace @ Cosmos)

Pictures (Via RT)

Indian young Indian young (1) Indian young (2) Indian young (3) Indian young (4)


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Declaimer: This is a normal blog post where writer expresses his/her views on topic. No grudge against any brand or company…or any players/fans who loves gaming. Its personal choice to play or not to play any online game.

Images Source: Screen Shot from RT news

Sources: RT, Youtube users, All links in the post