~ Pokemon Cult finally reached India!


Sorry fans! As if there is shortage of LOOOOSERS in town…now one more S**t…


Augmented Reality Games/Animation =  Rape of  Subconscious Mind = Robotization of  Human = No alertness = Not living in moment = Addiction = Can’t think Right or Wrong = anti-Yogic state of mind!


  • One more risk of  Personal Data Theft,

  • One more reason for Road Accident,

  • One more headache for Cops @ safety

  • One more Headache to Parents,

  • One more reason for Rehab-Centre expenses,

  • One more S**t  in Life!


@ New Delhi

 @ Mumbai

@ Pawai-Mumbai

@ Shiv Vada Pav stall …on streets of Mumbai

Within month of launch crazy things are happening already….

Wish to  stay Alert, Aware, Stress-free?

Do this simple Anti-Addiction Meditation –

  • Sit Comfortably..

  • Close your eyes

  • Breathe Normally

  • Listen this music till you feel relax 🙂



  • Shanti (Peace @ inner World)

  • Shanti (Peace @ outer World)

  • Shanti  (Peace @ Cosmos)

Pictures (Via RT)

Indian young Indian young (1) Indian young (2) Indian young (3) Indian young (4)


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Declaimer: This is a normal blog post where writer expresses his/her views on topic. No grudge against any brand or company…or any players/fans who loves gaming. Its personal choice to play or not to play any online game.

Images Source: Screen Shot from RT news

Sources: RT, Youtube users, All links in the post


~ Mumbai Central Railway station got FREE Wi-Fi via RailTEL-Google partnership

Lage Raho India!
As part of Govt’s ambitious #DigitalIndia initiative connecting 1.25 billion Indians….now  “Aamchi” Mumbai got FREE Indian RailWire Wi-Fi from today!

Indian Railways compamy RailTel in partnership with Google-India will provide high speed FREE Wifi (RailWire) to 400 big Railway stations across India….People loving the high speed for FREE

Mumbai Central RailWire Wifi: Waiting for your train in Mumbai? How about stream

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Additionally, Indian Railway has now its own indegeneous company RailTEL connecting all its railway stations and offices, which means 45000 KM strong high speed fiber network across India covering 4500 Town and Cities. This is additional to already available State owned BSNL.


BTW, Google Inc CEO Mr Sundar Pichai is from Chennai-India..so he has already inaugurated first facility to Chennai already 🙂

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi shakes hands with Google CEO Sundar Pichai at the Google campus in Mountain View, CaliforniaBelow: Railway Minister Mr Suresh Prabhu inaugerating FREE Wi-fi at Mumbai Central Railway Station- 22 Jan 2015.

Mumbai-Central-Wi-fiIndia is building its own indegeneous optic fibre network all across India, which is one of the largest networks in the world!

India is among very few countries which has its own optic fibre lines via unerground sea network connecting  whole of the earth!

India-Optic-Fiber-Network-GlobeIndian Govt also providing all major Tourist destinations with FREE Wi-fi in few months in partnership with State owned BSNL.

READ-Taj Mahal becomes FREE Wi-fi destiantion

How RailTel FREE Wi-Fi works:

RailTel-GoogleIndia-Free-WifiRailTel Steps-RailTel RailWire-Google-India-Free-WiFi


Image Credit: Google India, Reuters-Indianexpress, Rail Ministry india, Twitter.

Sources: Indian Railways, Google India, Tata Communications, Twitter, Google search and all links in the post.

~ Now enjoy Free Wi-Fi at Taj Mahal and other Tourist places across India

Wahhh Taj becomes Wi-Fi  Taj…As part of Indian Govt’s ambitious #DigitalIndia initiative state owned BSNL has started Free Wi-Fi service from 16th June 2015 onward for tourists visiting world famous Taj Mahal at Agra…. 🙂  

Now Click n post your Selfies to all your friends/family who couldn’t join you there!

Within next few months, Indian Govt is going to provide similar Free Wi-fi service all major Tourist spots, Railway stations, Shopping areas,  to boost Tourism and help common people to stay connected….

Free Wi-Fi at Taj Mahal  is for first 30 min, then you can purchase top-ups starting from Rs 30 ($ 0.5 ) availabe inside campus.

More details => #Digital India

Tourists enjoying Free Wi-fi at Taj Mahal India

Tourists-Enjoying-Free-Wi-Fi-at-Taj-Mahal-India Tourist-Taj-Mahal-Enjoying-Wi-fi Indian IT Minister Mr Ravishankar Prasad launching Free Wi-Fi serice at Taj Mahal India on 16 June 2015 #DigitalIndia


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