~ Colourful and Incredible India

Indian tourism department “Incredible India”  showcased colourful side of India in its videos with various innovative and creative ways.See such colourful and incredible videos which exhibited the shades of India in Globalization.

1. Incredible India 2013:

Clip shows the Incredible India 2013 promo where a foreign lady traveller try to ‘find what she seek’ from her journey to India. She also learned famous Indian ‘head shake’ (sign of agree/nice/satisfied/ Okay/happy) and how to reserve seat in  crowded bus!! 😀


Famous ‘I am India’ campaign is a part of various other inspiring projects of Bharatbala productions   on India, an organization founded by Ganapathy Bharat commonly known as Bharatbala and music given by famous Indian musician Ram Sampath . “I am India” video chants a beautiful Sanskrit verse from Bhagavad Gita

//Karmanye Vadikaraste Ma Phaleshu Kada Chana, Ma Karma Phala Hetur Bhurma Tey Sangostava Akarmani //

English transition: Line 1–“You have right to perform your Karma/Action/Deeds, but you don’t have right over Fruits (end result) of the Actions/Deeds” . Line 2 – “Don’t let the Fruit (outcome) be the purpose of your actions/deeds and never be associated /attached to not doing your duty”.

Here in this clip they are showing how India is rising through collective (good) Karma /Action.  It is starts with quote “A man’s Karma is to forever turn the wheel of life towards a better future for all” and concludes with beautiful message – Let good Karma of all citizens becomes their Dharma (Religion) then “the wheel of dharma is the unstoppable energy of life”

Another interesting thing in I am India clip is about workers/citizens are holding a Wheel (which is actually wheel from Indian flag ). This wheel is Ashoka chakra (spinning wheel) from famous Ashoka pillar  built by mighty  king Ashoka Maurya or Ashoka the Great (304 BCE – 232 BCE) and represents India’s glory and prosperity in his era. It was one of the golden eras in Indian history. The lion capital of Ashoka was adopted as National Emblem of India in 1950 after India’s independence from British rule. India ( Bharat  or Hindustan  called at that time)  was a great country with prosperity, power , wealth, knowledge and wisdom, trade  and happiness. Clip showcases India’s vision and journey  to acquire same status, glory and prosperity in this new millennium.


See colourful shades of India below.

A. India in Pink

B.India in Blue

C.India in Green

D.India in Golden/Yellow

E.India in Red

Watch more videos and TV commercials at Bharatbala Productions and India YouTube channel

Sources: Youtube, Wikipedia, google search and other links mentioned in post.


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