~ This is why International Media is unfair to India

Karolina Goswami of “IndiaInDetails” channel, a westerner on her journey to India. She is shocked to know why Western media hides truth about India from the world. This is her short documentary on India. Check clip below.

Good to know people in West now realized their fake Media propoganda, Govt. PR baises and systematic “Western exceptionalism” brainwashing to fool its own people.

Western countries deliberately kept their people under dark by brainwashing them that they are the best and superiors to any other country in every sense!

Western civilization failed to understand simple rule in life…Unless child knows his/her  strength and weaknesses , he/she can’t succeed in life!

Success comes daily improving and omiting one bad thing within you! One day there will be only best in you….in short this process is called –

DNA upgradation = Moksha (liberation) in Hinduism  🙂

On the other hand, unlike in Western countries, India never shy to accept it has flaws, but address it openly and now continuesliy marching ahead by fixing it. 

Stay positive..don’t bother about others negative opinion  about you….one day you will definately win #Karma  🙂

Watch: Why is the international media unfair to India? by Karolina Goswami



Image credit; India In detail clip
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~ Why Yoga is strictly Hindu

As Yoga is now over 80 billion dollar (over 5 lakh crores INR)  industry worldwide, as usual greedy west (along with some ignorant useful idiot Indians/Gurus) is gearing up to de-link Yoga from Hinduism, making it “Secular” , “Atheist”  Exercise or kind of cool Gymnastic thing!

Here is detail analysis for all ignorant – Why Yoga is strictly Hindu, which can’t be separated even if Western Abrahmics try hard to patent/copyright or Appropriate/Digest it to claim ownership!

Also understand clear definitions of important Sanskrit words (used in Yoga and Mediations) which are non-translatable into English (common mistakes people do):


Sanskrit to English non-traslatable words to understand Yoga:

  • Brahman or Ishwara God


    Aatman  Soul or Spirit


    Jivan-mukti and Moksha  Salvation jivanmukti-moksha-is-not-Salvation Hindu-Yoga-India-WomenFrom-The-Capital-of-yoga Why-Yoga-Is-Strictly-HinduIndia-yoga-3BSK-Iyenga-Yoga-Last-Interview-India

Image credit: screen shots from TheBoldIndian webpage and proyogAdvt

Sources: The Bold Indian webpage, RajivMalhotra, google search , and all links in the post.

~ Unique Revelations: Last Interview of Yoga Guru BKS Iyengar

Incredible journey of World famous Yoga Guru BKS Iyengar [24/12/1918 to 20/8/2014],founder of Iyengar Yoga….This was his last inspirational words before he left his body at age of 96 in 2014….

In 1954, when he was invited in Britain to teach Yoga, he was treated like Black SLAVE … given only bread & coffee to survive …Westerners used to mock him as:

BKS= Beating-Kicking-Shouting

Now after 50 years, same Westerners bows down before him, flown to India at his Pune Ashram to learn Yoga ..and now praises him

BKS= Beauty-Knowledge-Serenity!!

Famous last interview of Yoga Guru BKS Iyengar in 2014

Must buy DVD : 6000 years History of Yoga

DVD launch: Interesting lecture by Chief Guest Rajiv Malhotra on “History of Yoga” DVD

Thank you Guruji for your service to Dharma, India and Humanity…

BSK-Iyenga-Yoga-Last-Interview-India BSK-Iyengar-GiImage Sources: Vishuddhi Filsm and Deepika Kothari

Soruces: Vishuddhi Filsm and Deepika Kothari, youtube, Infinity Foundation, and all links in the post.

~ Listen Hindu Vedas with English Translation

Listen 6000+ years old ancient Holy Hindu Scriptrues – Vedas, originally written in Sanskrit, with approximate English tranlations. There are 1180 Hindu Holy books derieved from Holy Vedas – see list below.

Holy veda Mantra Chanting is supposed to be done during Yajna (Hindu holy fire ceremony) has positive refreshing effect on Body, Mind and Aatma, making us peaceful, free from negativity and blissful  (see pics below).

Note: It is advisable by scholars to read & understand Hindu Vedas in Sanskrit. As its very difficult to translate everything exactly into English or other languages, it distorts original meaning as English has no parallel words for many deep rooted Sanskrit words!

e.g. Most common Sanskrit to English non transperable words which Westerners (and Anglo-Sexon educated/ whitewashed Indians) think they have same meanings:

  • DHARMA is not Religion

  • AATMA is not Soul

  • Devata/Bhagwan/Ishvar is not God

  • OM is not Amen/Amin

  • POOJA is not Prayers

  • YAJNA / YAGNYA is not Sacrifies but Exchange/selfless offerings to Shakti/ Ishvar

  • SHAKTI is not Power/Holy Spirit..etc..etc

Read: List of “Sanskrit Non-Transperable” words & correct explainations, read Bestseller book “Being Different” by famous American-Indian author  Mr Rajiv Malhotra (2011).

Cunning, barbarian and greedy European/British invaders in 17-18 century distroyed/looted original copies of this Great Human Heritage in India.

Some western scholars who came to know about this Hindu Vedas in India that time distorted many Hindu scriptures and spreaded many lies across the world in order to justify their invasion and to false calim the history as per their hidden motives.

Those who wish to learn Vedas , please learn Sanskrit first and then learn 4 Vedas. It will be  life changing experince!

Don’t forget to give appropriate Credit to all great Hindu Sages from India who invented this for sake of  humanity, else as per Karma philosophy it won’t be any advantage to you!!

Still for beginers, this video gives basic summary what great four Hindu Vedas contains.

  • – Rig-Ved

  • -Yajur-Ved

  • -Sam-ved

  • Atharva-Ved

LISTEN Hindu Vedas with  English Translation

Daily early morning Ved Mantras with English meaning

Four Holy Vedas ( called SHRUTIS – cosmos wisdon heard by intelligent Hindu Sages/Rishis after deep meditaion) are then written in about 1180 holy Hindu books called SMRITIS by various other Sages across India, so that common masses can understand it easily.

See list of all 1180 holy books in Hinduism and tree formation in charts in my previous post

Hindu Scriputures Photo: venupayyanur.com

Hindu Scriputures Photo: venupayyanur.com

Chart Holy Hindu Scriptures Photo: vallabhkankroli.org

Chart Holy Hindu Scriptures Photo: vallabhkankroli.org

Major Hindu Scriputures Photo:bharathgyan

Major Hindu Scriputures Photo:bharathgyan

Brief contents of Hindu Scripures Photo:yumpu.com

Brief contents of Hindu Scripures Photo:yumpu.com

Classification of Hindu Scriptures Photo:speakingtree.in

Classification of Hindu Scriptures Photo:speakingtree.in

Yajna during Holy Veda Mantra Chanting Combines Heat enregy from Fire & Sound energy from Sanskrit Mantra cahnting to get healing benefits - Blissfull esperence to Mind, Body & Soul

Yajna during Holy Veda Mantra Chanting Combines Heat enregy from Fire & Sound energy from Sanskrit Mantra chanting to get healing benefits – Blissfull esperence to Mind, Body & Soul

Russian Hindu Couple getting marry

Russian Hindu Couple doing Yajya duirng their Hindu Vedic wedding


yajna-agnihotra-gi Yajna-gi

Yajna during Hindu Worship

Yajna during Hindu Worship

Hindu Priests offering

Hindu Priests offering “Samidha” ( Herbs)in Yajna

Photo Credit: from clip Souces: Youtube, Google search, and all links in the post.

~ Night Life: Boozing in West Vs Family Dinner in India

Yet another East Vs West comparison using concept of ‘Night Life’ in society. Night life decides how Family/ Society/ Nation/ Humanity will progress in future at Economic/ Social/ Mental/ Emotional/ Moral fronts! So, as per Western Geopolitics propaganda; their Indian puppet Media, Movies, News, TV deliberately glorify Boozing/ Partying/ Liquors/ Multiple short term Partners as “Cool” Night Life for entire human beings.

Let’s see both Western and Indian Night Life concepts and their effects on Social life.

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~ Indian Government launched ‘MyGov’ portal: A step towards Open Government…

On occasion of 60th day of new historical Govt. formation in India, PM Mr. Narendra Modi, launched MYGOV” portal for citizens to contribute in “Suraaj”(good governance) as he promised during election campaign to decrease gap between People and Government!

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