~ Indian Innovation: Hands-Free Wearable Computing Device

Bangalore based Indian company Mistral Solutions has developed a Hands-free Wearable Computing Device having near-eye screen which is like 15-inch PC display! Device allows user to do normal computer functions; even operated by voice commands & head movements, keeping hands free! Mr. Annes Ahmad is a founder of Mistral Solutions.

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India’s Innovation – Hands-Free Wearable Computing Device Photo: Economic Times India

As per the Jeniper Research refereed in ET report, market for such wearable devices (+ smart watches, glasses) will increase from current $ 1.4 (Rs. 8726 Cr) to $19 billions (Rs. 1.18 lakh Cr) by 2018. This shows importance of this type of “Hardware-Software” Inventions & product development projects.

India needs more such inventions and out of the box creative ideas, not just Software Coding type outsourcing services jobs!


Hands Free Wearable Device Photo: Mistral Solutions Facebook Page

Image Credits: Screen shots from-

Mistral Solutions facebook page”facebook.com/Mistralsolutions/photos_stream”

Economic Times News: “economictimes.indiatimes.com/tech/hardware/indias-answer-to-google-glass-hands-free-wearable-device-enables-users-to-carry-out-computer-functions/articleshow/26837200.cms”

Sources: Google Search, Mistral Solutions company website and facebook page, Economic Times news, and all other links in the post.


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