~ Night Life: Boozing in West Vs Family Dinner in India

Yet another East Vs West comparison using concept of ‘Night Life’ in society. Night life decides how Family/ Society/ Nation/ Humanity will progress in future at Economic/ Social/ Mental/ Emotional/ Moral fronts! So, as per Western Geopolitics propaganda; their Indian puppet Media, Movies, News, TV deliberately glorify Boozing/ Partying/ Liquors/ Multiple short term Partners as “Cool” Night Life for entire human beings.

Let’s see both Western and Indian Night Life concepts and their effects on Social life.



Western Boozing ‘Night Life’ concept to Divide family & Spend more money:

A typical Capitalist/Consumerism lifestyle propaganda, fooling people to “Spend’ more and don’t “Save”; finally people will have lots of debt/borrowings and will be fully dependant (slave) on some Corporations and Banks!

  •  How western Night Life affects family and society

 Western culture promotes ‘Individualism’ since early days, which breaks one from Family institution to live individual/independent life, which means you are almost lonely after office/school hours, no family member is waiting for you at home (they are only connected through mobile), this loneliness creates good business opportunity through “Night Life” business model for Smart Tycoons in your city – Boozing, Liquors, multiple short term partners (breaking moral values), Partying, Eating out, Super Market shopping daily, etc,etc….

i.e. Materialism/Consumerism/Socialist/Communist/Capitalist model where you are paid to spend and later you are more likely to be Dependant (slave) on Banks for more loans/borrowings to booze more, Corporations for consumer goods and State for future social security! Also, in long term Boozing lifestyle is not good for maintaining law and order in the society.

  •  Typical Western Propaganda = Divide, Confuse and Rule

 Western mindset of having Single Central Authority and ruling Humanity might have created their Night Life concept:

  1. Break Family by promoting Individualism

  2. Making people Materialistic by Advertise/TV/Movies (Peer pressure)

  3. Break Society

  4. Make people Dependant (slave) on Corporations/States/Banks/Borrowings

  5. Privatizing States/Nation/Banks to Business houses

  6. Finally; rule humanity through Multinational Corporations and Banks!! (?)

So, it all starts with breaking individual member from family through glorifying too much “Individualism” in personal life and “Togetherness” only in offices to earn Money!!

For detail explanation, watch great lecture by eminent Social Scientist & Economist Mr. S Gurumurthy on: East Vs West daily habits which brought 2008 Economic crisis and how to save from future recession

EAST (India):

Indian/Dharmic Night Life: This western life style is very different from Indian/Sanatan Dharmic (Hinduism) lifestyle, where family is a FIRST PRIORITY for every individual in society thus promoting-

  • Family Responsibilities and Duties for all members,

  • Tyag (Scarifies),

  • Adjustments,

  • Understanding,

  • Adaptation,

  • Compromises and

  • Unconditional Love for your dear ones.

 For those who don’t know, concept of Family in India is different than in West.

Indian Family means- Spouse + Kids + Parents/In-laws + Bother-n-Sister in Laws + close Relatives + family friends + Pets (if any)!

Yes, Indians love to live with their parents together in same house!

Indians try to take at least one meal daily with entire Family, preferably Dinner; due to busy schedule.

# Praying together before Dinner: To thank Ishwar (almighty) for spending one more beautiful day and asking for blessing; traditionally Indians pray before every meal. One should do this daily, but in today’s fast life, family members spend few minutes as per their convenience.

# Daily Family Dinner: Typical successful Indian family lifestyle motto is “Family which eats Together, Prays Together, Lives Together”….It boosts your EQ-Emotional quotient (with togetherness and sense of belongingness) and IQ- Intelligent Quotient (wisdom transfer as all age group shares their views on the same topic) very high!

Family dinner provides a nice platform daily to share what is happening in your personal & professional life; outside home. Discussing your whole day with parents/spouse and family will keep each other well-informed and helps to figure out future planning.

# Daily Moral and Emotional Boost: Family dinner and gathering daily before going to bed is a big moral and emotional booster too. Psychiatrist and Mental problems will be less if you feel you are not alone in the world with your problems, family/relatives are all with you in ups-n-down in life. Its soothing feeling far better than Boozing and getting incautious daily!

# Night Walk with family or with partner: Light walk in moon light (India has sun/moon light almost whole year) with your partner or family is good for Physical and Emotional health and bonding of entire family.

# Health: Easy walk after dinner also improves digestion and helps in long term good health.

# Family means Saving for future, than mindless Spending: As you take responsibility of family, you have to ‘Save’ more for yourself and your dear one’s future rather than Reckless Spending. But, in return, you get full support and affection from family/relatives/friends in your ups n downs, recession, health issues, etc…

This lifestyle makes you more dependants on Family than State/Government or any Business houses or rulers!!

This is what Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism) preaches, this is how Dharma and Karma lifestyle works.

So, choice is yours, whatever lifestyle (Dharma and Karma) you choose has its after effects at your individual and family life in future!

Read my previous post on: East Vs West – Nationalization and Denationalization of Family, its consequences on Society, Economy and Civilization


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