~ Implications of western Feminism fad on society… #Feminism #Feminist #WomenMarch #WomensMarch

#Feminism is portrayed as cause for Equality, but actually destroying societies in West (see clips and reports below). Equality is not Women dominating Men (as past revenge), in the name of Women Empowerment! Study shows its breaking families and not good for both Women and Men. Some agents of west in India are desperately propagating this biased Western Feminism fad to “white-wash” Indians. 

#WomenMarch   #WomensMarch

Feminism fad is just another garbage product of Western (materialistic) culture.

Men-Women just Love and Respect each others, stay together and save families from this western crap!

Watch below collection of few Clips & Research articles- an eye opener of this terrible Feminism trend in west. Hope Indians will wake up before it’s too late!

Please bear for long post. But, it’s worth and has interesting coverage of Feminist madness around the world and how it is destroying families and togetherness culture of many nations! Finally, see how western female researchers itself exposes the Feminism propaganda with facts!

Implications of Feminism on societies:

# Feminism impact on Men – 6 Reasons Why Men Are Avoiding Marriage in West

 Helen Smith’s famous book “Men on Strike: Why Men Are Boycotting Marriage, Fatherhood, and the American Dream—and Why It Matters” disuses following 6 points why Men are now afraid to fall into commitment/relationships in west.

  1. Fear, they will loose Respect

  2. They loose on Physical thing

  3. Can lose their Children and their money (after Divorce)

  4. They’ll lose their Space

  5. They can lose their Freedom

  6. Single life is better than ever

As happing today in West, Indian Men will also avoid Marriages or commitments and happy to be in Live-In relationships or simply don’t marry at all…

Is this a good future of your Son/Daughters, younger Brother/Sisters?

Live-In or Contract-marriage is worst and most insecure form of human relationship for both Men and Women!

Traditionally, in India, society is Emotion/ Mutual Respect/ Understanding or Trust based rather than “Contract based”- which is now obvious scene in West.

# Feminism impact on Women: Women are trying to be like Men, not a good long term strategy!

US Feminism researcher Ms. Tammy Bruce, a lifelong feminist and former National Organization for Women member, is exposing myths and implications of Feminism on society, especially on Women behavior. She explained three pillars of New Feminism – Dignity, Word “No”, and Men!!

# Feminism Madness in Sweden

– Sweden- One of most affluent countries in the world gripped into Feminism fad…see horrified impact on society there!

 # Feminism in school: “War on Boys”

Here is how due to Feminism fad; boys in US schools are being oppress – they are discouraged to behave like boys in schools which is spoiling their creativity and focus!

Expert Ms. Christina Hoff Sommers, a scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, identified cause of this issue is too much Feminism fad in society and suggested four points to get back society normal for boys:

  1. Turn Boys into Readers

  2. Inspire the Male imagination

  3. Zero out Zero Tolerance

  4. Bring back Recess (out-door games)

# Discrimination against Men is rampant – Australia

– Madness concludes – “All men are considered as potential predators”

# US Feminist teaching Women how to Date

– Next time another Bollywood dumb actress/model will teach this crap to Indian women in some MyChoice type advt!!

Western Feminism implication on India:

 #Mychoice type propaganda

See previous post exposed Bollywood actress Deepika Padukon, along with other 99 models in Feminism #MyChoice advertises controversy; is evident of one sided biased Feminism agenda to trap (brainwash) ignorant Indian Women!

 # Feminism in Marriage laws is spoiling Indian family culture

Listen terrible misuse of some Hindu marriage laws by Feminist and their agents. Hindu marriage act IPC 498a cases researcher Ms. Deepika Bharadwaj in her famous TEDx talk – “ Men- The Forgotten Gender ”

What Ms. Deepika is suggesting in IPC 498a amendment:

  • Gender Neutral Laws

  • – Strong Misuse calse under all caw

  • – Jail term for false cases

For more detials, Follow Deepika Bharadwaj on Twitter and her initiatives =>Martyrs Of Marriage

Latest on this issue:

Read –10 % of Dowry cases are false

Read – March 2015: Government of India plans to amend anti-dowry harassment law (498a)

# Feminism propaganda through Media: Feminism means Women dominating Men??

Indian Media, Advt, Movies, News, Talks, etc are (deliberately?) sending wrong message to society that Feminism means accepting Women dominations by Men!

 # Feminism is good Business for NGOs

Feminism and Women empowerment propaganda is also good business opportunity for many NGOs in India. But, mushrooming of many fake NGOs is not good for Nation’s sovereignty; such looted funds might be misused for wrong anti-social activities. Study by Government suggests that 90% of NGOs who applied for Women welfare were fake!

Read: 90% of NGOs seeking funds for Women cause found fake

# Feminist gets good Limelight and Money through propaganda

During Rapes and Women issues discussions these western Feminist types gang gets very active to demean Men and Indian culture. But, stats/facts shows totally differen story. In per capita statistics shown by NationMaster worldwide data comparision, 1.25 bilion populated India ranked very down in list (~18 or less rapes per capita)  comapred to tiny western develop countries like US, UK,  European countries (~ ranging 200 – 300 rapes per capita).

But still Feminist gets active against India! See Indian flop actress and Feminist have already joined western propaganda to misprepresent  Indian Men and society with dumb statements….


 Exposing Feminism:

 # Facts: Feminism Vs Truth

Researcher Ms. Christina Hoff Sommers exposing Feminism and explaining facts to counter Feminist propaganda

# Feminism is Worst thing happen to Women – Leading Author

Author/ Researcher Ms. Suzanne Venker, in her best selling book “The Flipside of Feminism” says “Feminism is the worst thing to happen to women”

Main point summarized (via youtube user below) in her discussion are:

1) Feminism did not liberate women. It has actually harmed women by placing them in a prison of negative thinking and promoted dead-end promiscuity.

 2) Studies show that women today are LESS happy under modern Feminist assumptions and cultural practices.

3) Women today do not owe feminists for everything. Feminism did NOT give women the right to vote or go to college. Those rights existed BEFORE the “Second Wave Feminism” of the 60’s.

4) The Women’s Suffrage Movement was NOT a “feminist” movement: the “Suffragettes” were actually Pro-Life, Pro-Family and Conservative women. (Today’s Feminists would reject them, ironically.)

5) Feminism has robbed women of placing family and marriage at the center of their lives, as the most meaningful part of their existence. Instead, it shames women into believing that career materialism should be placed at the center.

6) Women should ignore the institutionalized, Feminist cultural prescriptions that demean motherhood and marriage. They should sequence their lives in a way that place family as the most central, meaningful experience of their lives.

7) Feminism is a finished movement in America.

# Feminism is not Equality – a video blogger

# Feminism has failed in West – CNN

#USA-Feminist Movements and GeoPolitics:
#WomensMarch held in Jan 2017 at Washington DC is decoded by  famous Twitter handlers in USA & India. Check how western Feminism geopilitics is linked from USA to India!


Famous Indian Economist Mr. S Gurumurthy, during his research on 2008 economic crisis in west, found out that Western society adopts “Nationalization of Family” and “Privatizing the Government” culture, which is opposite to Indian or Asian “De-nationalization of Family” culture which promotes Togetherness, Family/Relationship bonding, Inclusiveness and Social harmony through various rituals and festivals.

  • Western culture promotes too much Individuality / Independence in society

  • which leads to separating teens at early age from families

  • leads to lack of emotional bonding, belongingness, togetherness or adjustment attitude in people

  • too much individuality can make people egoistic and insensitive towards partners/other people emotions/feelings

  • leads to high divorce or separation rates in later stages

  • ultimately society breaks down or becomes fragmented

  • many Economist in West promotes that high divorce rates are good for Economy as people consume more if single, thus more profit to their companies

  • also, singles are easy to “manipulate” by any political agenda as they have no family , emotional, social and financial protection

  • thus, top policy makers in west might believe; more singles without partners in society is good for increasing per capita consumptions!

  • So , frequently you will find many western schemes to break families and people in societies, promoting Independence/Individuality in the name of Empowerment

Its pretty clear that this deliberately attempted, illogical western Feminism crap won’t work in India or many other societies across the world who are Family based societies, where Family is like nucleus to Culture/ Civilization/ Humanity development.

Materialistic societies where Money/ Natural resources/ Greed/ Individuality/ Selfishness takes over human values won’t understand importance of Men-Women natural urge, Family bonding, Togetherness and Belongingness.

This western Feminism becomes tool to hating Men propaganda and planned attempt to break family in the name of Women empowerment! It is proven above how bad Feminism for their own societies!

Thus, Western Feminism crap is not Equality, but it’s opposite, actually not doing any good to Women!

Our western funded and systematically brainwashed Media/ TV/ News/ Movies/ Advertise companies will try their best to “White-Wash” people at their best. They have become loyal Salves of western Globalization!

But, do we Indians need to repeat this western Feminism fad and then destroy our own family culture, later fix it back copying West again??

Why this wastage of our valuable time and resources just to copy western crap??

Why this Colonized slavery mentality even after 200 years of western invasion & destruction of great Indian civilization in past??

We are 10000+ old great Hindu civilization and our society is fully aware of finding solutions to our own problems (if any) and has proven tradition/ heritage of treating our Men & Women equally, we don’t need yet another western propaganda.

Image Source: MartyrsOfMarriage facebook, Twitter,TOI, Indian express, TED talk Sources: TEDx, Martyrsofindia, Twitter, Facebook, Google search, CNN, RT , TV news, Youtube, TheGateWayPundit, all links in the post. Western-Feminist-Feminism


15 thoughts on “~ Implications of western Feminism fad on society… #Feminism #Feminist #WomenMarch #WomensMarch

  1. My question: Why do you hold the family as a very high value? I find that, until euthanasia is available for all, bringing children to the world is immoral. By bringing children, you force people to live life they probably don’t want and have no easy way to escape without harming themselves. I’m glad we’re moving on from this whole family thing. Nothing proved to me that the family or love is a worthy idea to live for.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank for visiting and comment. Yes it’s surely a personal choice, whether to have family/kids etc… My post was in regard to unnecessary hatred created among two genders and propaganda behind Feminism. Overall impact on society is anti-Men type!… Many westerners like to live single/no-family life. They are generally protected by Govt – Financially/ Pensions/ Old age homes/ Medical care, etc at later stage of life .. In East situation is different…Here there are many Cultural/ Economical/ Social/ Emotional reasons so Indians/Asians are generally attached to family life. But, there are also people who choose to stay bachelor/single in India – like Yogi, Gurus, Yogini, Sanyasi, Rishis, Social workers, etc or simply ordinary person…It all depends on one’s perceptions about life! Keep posted, cya


      • I think that while feminism did wreck a lot of wide-spread ideas, it doesn’t mean we can’t build something better. Maybe the whole nuclear family (The common western model – I don’t know how it goes exaclty where you’reat) isn’t that good and it’s time to replace it.
        I think the actual problem is that a lot of feminists criticize common concepts and ideas people hold, but fail to offer something to replace it with. Destroying something without replacing it just creates chaos.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Sorry, but you seem to be following western gaze on India! West have their own political interest to demean India since past 5-6 centuries…UK (news link you are sharing), so called first world “civilized” country after looting Indian wealth, still has worst per capita rape/ teen pregrancy/ women issues than India! You can check stats comparision…If we have issues in our society, we are capable of solving it with our own..we don’t need foreign funded Feminism propoganda on India, thats what I taked about it…cya


      • In a world that’s constant shrinking it’s backwards to think of problems as Indian or Foreign. I’m glad that most countries are seeing women’s subjugation as a problem. It’s about time we get past our nationalistic attitudes and see the world as one. Equal rights for women everywhere!


      • good thought, but its too hypothetical…difficult to find same type of solution in different countires….Similar thought were propogated by many world thinkers about same Economy,banking systesm, political system (democracy), same currency everywhere..but failed miserably! Each countyr/civilization has its own way to solve its issues but in different way…Being Different is good 🙂


  2. Couldn’t agree more. The same solution cannot be applied to different circumstances. Differences should be celebrated. However, some things are basic human rights and should be the same for everyone. It’s not ok to shoot a young child because she wants to go to school (Malala), it’s not ok to kidnap an entire class of girls to discourage education (#bringbackourgirls), and it’s not ok to rape and kill a girl and then say it was her fault (Jyoti). Refusing to accept this should not be dismissed as western propaganda.


    • You took it completely wrong here =>”Refusing to accept this should not be dismissed as western propaganda”…..No body is refusing there is no problem ..Its there but each country should fix it through internal mechanism collectively as society….We dont need lectures (propoganda) from countires who are also having same problems back home! First they’ld fix it at their home. My discussion was about exploring Geopolitics of (confused) Feminism propoganda…


      • That is my point exactly. You are dismissing ‘Feminism’ as “western propaganda”. Feminism is just as much eastern as western. Equal rights should be universal; it’s not just for the west. Wanting equal rights for half the population (well, not exactly half since the ratio of women to men in India is 940:1000) is not propaganda.


        • No he is not he is saying that !!! he is saying ,the western approach gaining gender equality is not needed in India as it is destructive and counter productive. also it will not work in India, western feminism is based on western values of what is acceptable to there culture and religion and moral codes, not India’s. he is not saying that equality for women is not needed in India it is very badly!!! just that we can do it better our way acccording to what is compatable in our culture and works with our religion our family values and our way of life! if you actually look at the effect feminism has had in the west in the last 20 years it has gone completly radical to the point where western women are abandoning it and leaving the womans movment/ femenist movement in droves they are waking up to the fact that it has become TOTALY RADICAL and has nothing to do with equality anymore its aim is to replace patiarchy with matriarchy not equaliy!! wich is why these radicals are now trying to infultrate indian society as well as others to spread there posion for all the wrong reasoins these people socialists/liberals/progressive are not friends of India or Indian society they pretend to be!! also pretend to be interested in our culture but not becuase they respect us or it but to find ways to undermine it. they have a global agenda based on a social marxist neo liberal idiology which is dooming europe and european people are begining to see them and it for what it is and rejecting now to but it has already done much damage in the last 25/30 years dont let it do the same to India !!! BEWARE OF STRANGERS BEARING GIFTS !!!

          Liked by 1 person

          • Milan, I think it’s a waste of both our time to discuss about what Globindian is saying or not saying. So lets not talk about a third person’s perspective but talk about our own.

            You seem to have a lot of opinions about how “destructive” “western feminism” is. Then why don’t you tell me what your approach is to achieving gender equality in India? And specify how is it different from “western feminism”? I’m eager to hear your solutions.

            Also to your point that Western women are abandoning the women’s movement… Google Women’s March on Washington. It’s happening next week and millions of women (and men) have already signed up to march. In fact, I wish that you were correct. I dream of the day that all women leave the Movement. That would mean we finally have equality.


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  4. FYI…

    Western Feminist #WomensMarch at Washington DC-USA is exposed below…
    Please try to study hidden motives/Geopolitics behind Feminist movement worldwide.
    Western Feminism has hidden agenda to take control of targeted societies and play politics. It has nothing to do with Women’s equal rights!


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