~ S Gurumurthy: Man Who Predicted Western 2008 Economic Crisis and India’s Rise

Interesting Story telling by famous Indian Economist S. Gurumurthy – See how West celebrated Greed/High Divorce Rates/ Broken Families/ Unwed Mothers/ Single Parents/ Spending /Consumerism  habits in the name of “Post Modernity” leads to collapse of whole Western Universalism Economic Model and their own Culture!

Watch intersting story of US/ EU/ UK/West’s a.k.a FIRST WROLD Rich/ Liberal/ Most Civilized nation’s journey towards “No-where”….  :-/

Feminine social culture & effect on Economy:

He said US/Western economy is Masculine in nature and Indian economy is Feminine in nature (Goddess Laxmi worshiper/ Goddess Durga/ Goddess Saraswati/ Mother India respect)!! see pictures after clip below.

WOW! Feminist/Women activists will feel enough proud about Hindu civilization and how culturally women got high status- a source of Life!! Also, someone will feel disappointed as they lost one point to Bash/Malign Hindu culture & india, women oppression, etc….ooops!! 🙂

What western Think-tanks are doing?

Obviously, after listening this you will wonder, what those high paid so called “Experts”,  “Think-Tanks” from reputed Harvard/Stanford/Oxford/IMF/World Bank,etc bankers and economists; also joined by Indian high paid Globalization Slaves from Indian IIM & IIT gradutaes are doing there at top??

Meanwhile in Economic crisis, West (who’ve stolen Indian Gold/Wealth for over 200 years & became Rich) still say – India is THIRD WORLD uncivilized nation full of illitrates, rapists and poors!

In short- 21st century’s thumb rule:

More you depend on (Copy) West, more chances you’ll Fall miserably!!

About Speeker:

Mr. S. Gurumurhty is Chennai based Charter Accountant (C.A.) cum Financial Consultant, one of India’s finest Economists with over 30 years of experince in World Financial systems, Sociology, Indian histroy & Civilization and Hindu Dharma study expert.

More interesting reports about India Vs West, Economy comparisions.You can follow him on twitter @sgurumurthy

Dec 2008: S. Gurumurthy’s speech on Global Financial Crisis and Impact on India

Feminine Power Status in Indian Culture:

In Photo- Hindu Goddess of Wealth (Laxmi), Goddess of Wisdom (Saraswati), Goddess of Power (Shakti/Durga)happiness-giMother India (Maa Bharati) picture used during freedom fight against British/EU

Mother  IndiaEconomist S Gurumurthy giving this historical Speech in 2008

S Gurumurthy - India


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Photo credit: From clip above and  Tumbler Mr.Riaz
Source: S gurumurhty talk, youtube, FKCCI, twitter, Tumblr, google search and all links in the post.


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