~ Life Lessons: Why China’s Market crashed by $3 trillion in July 2015

Know in 7 minutes, why China’s market crashed and its impact on World!

Materialism/Greed  is distroying whole Western  civilization, why Asians are also running after this Crap Self-destructive Culture?

Follow safe & proven Traditional (non-stock based) investments i.e Gold-Family-Land and save yourself…

Sad, about 90 million (9 Cr) middle class Chinese lost over $3 trillions in 2 weeks by crashing Stock over  30% (more than 2008 US crash in such short period)! Many also took heavy loan to invest in stock!

Mr Chris Chappel of ‘China Uncensored’ on Market Carsh July 2015

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~ S Gurumurthy: Man Who Predicted Western 2008 Economic Crisis and India’s Rise

Interesting Story telling by famous Indian Economist S. Gurumurthy – See how West celebrated Greed/High Divorce Rates/ Broken Families/ Unwed Mothers/ Single Parents/ Spending /Consumerism  habits in the name of “Post Modernity” leads to collapse of whole Western Universalism Economic Model and their own Culture!

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~ Price of Materialism!

Worth watching!!…Give your 5 minutes here….

What price we are paying for Materialism / Consumerism / Capitalism ??

  • THINK…..
  • REALIZE…..
  • DECIDE……
  • CONCENTRATE not only on Tangible but also on INTANGIBLE THINGS (People / Love/ Satisfaction/ Bliss/ Hobby/ Family/ Friends/ Goodwill/ Respect/ Good Values/ Ethics/ Politeness/ Smile/ Touch/ Talking/ Listening others/ Compassion)
  • PROTECT Nature & Ecosystem
  • Be HUMAN!

High Price of Materialism in Society (Via NewDream)

Image credit : Globalization blog

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~ Watch impact of US government shutdown in 60 seconds!

Many in the world learned new term this week i.e. government ‘Shutdown’. Indians are equally surprized to know about this! We thought such things happens only in our country!! 🙂  Watch this BBC news clip (just 60 seconds) to understand  impact of Government shutdown on people!

BTW one thing is sure, current worldwide economic crisis/recession is going to stay for longer time than expected…So, be prepared!!

Watch, what is this and how it will impact common citizen?

BBC News: US Government shutdown in 60 seconds (Via News Store)

Shutdown Pictures: 


SHUTDOWN! Source: HDwallpapersinn


Crowd with slogan. Photo:HDwallpapersinn

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