~ Decolonizing misconceptions about Khajurao Temple, KamaSutra & Hinduism

How to Save 95% of Body & Mind Energy in life??…Every individual generally spends 90-95% of energy on thinking only about Money & Bodily Pleasures…which is a major cause of sufferings/problems in today’s world.

Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev, founder ISHA foundation in  India, a spiritual organization, sharing great Ancient Hindu Wisdom to Save you energy and utilize it for better Karma…

See how deep Sanatan Dharma Wisdom is and how it was misjudged by western Abrahmic invaders as per their western gaze  & later propogated it wrongly for last 600 years  in World History books…

Its high time now to Decolonize World History Books on India/Hinduism and preach Truth!

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Khajuraho Temples-Madhya Pradesh, India

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~ Fixing The Misconceptions About Khajuraho Temples

Khajuraho temples symbolizes – human ‘Mind & Body’; which are always desperate for Outside pleasures, while God’s idol inside temple represents – Soul; our inside source of  ultimate Joy/Bliss. Early western visitors & historians couldn’t understand the deep philosophy in Hinduism, idea of Maya (illusion) in life & concept of God. Thus, due to their lack of understandings they’ve circulated many misconceptions about Hindu culture world-wide.

Khajuraho group of temples, a UNESCO World Heritage site , beautifully & effectively represents core Hinduism principle of “Everything is Within You”… find ultimate Truth/ Divinity/ Permanent bliss INSIDE you….& don’t look it into OUTSIDE (physical & materialistic) pleasures which is a MAYA (temporary illusion)!


What is concept of Maya ( Illusion ) in Life?

God is a creator of all Maya & Maya doesn’t affect God, in fact God controls Maya! Similarly, person who has attain that inside strength to control his/her desires / vasanas / 5 body sensors / Thoughts  will be unaffected by illusion of Maya and will live a Happy life.


Western misconceptions about Khajuraho:

Foreigners who’ve first visited Khajuraho site 200-300 years ago, didn’t know Sanskrit language which would have helped them to  understand authentic Hindu scriptures (they still don’t understand) and spiritual philosophy behind this great Khajuraho temple city.

Some historians in west wrote India’s history or about Hinduism without even visiting India! In my opinion following are the misconceptions that are spread among visitors about ancient Khajuraho temple city:

  • Khajuraho temples represent “Worshiping of Physical Pleasures” by Hindu people

  • Hinduism is portraying Lust thought exotic idols/structures

  • Khajuraho temples are built for Kings to enjoy dance and physical pleasures

  • People here worship naked God statues

  • Structure is a symbol of lifestyle (full of Lust /Vasanas) of people in that era

But, facts are exactly opposite to all of this! Ancient Khajuraho temple structure symbolizes the concept of Maya and how to get rid of this by Meditation/Devotion / inner pleasure and not by external pleasure (materialism/ physical).


READ: Decolonizing misconceptions about Khajurao Temple, KamaSutra & Hinduism

Ancient scholars through Khajuraho were giving message to get rid of physical pleasures/materialism. Such things are just “MAYA” (Illusion/Delusion) in life. Concentrate on real pleasure of Devotion to GOD/ Spirituality / Inner happiness/Ultimate bliss.

Devotees here are told to go round and see how much our mind is stuck in MAYA. First get  rid of MAYA (mind and body’s temporary pleasures), then you are ready to seek real & ultimate truth of God/prayers/meditation/bliss/inner happiness inside the temple. Once you enter the temple by removing all illusions in life, you are ready to take path to Moksha (liberation).

This great cycle of materialistic rat race…cycle of illusion/Maya continues till death but we can’t find that ultimate happiness / satisfaction / pleasure / joy….we always keep wondering the unknown destination.


How can we reach to our Destination, the liberation (Moksha) from all such fake illusionary pleasures?

It is explained in Vedic Wisdom by many Rishis (Sages/Scholars)…Here comes importance of Khajuraho temples….you can find such wisdom at Khajuraho structres…. Outer side of temple represents fake pleasures/Maya in daily life…inside temple symbolizes real truth/happiness/joy.

This concept also  applies to humans (mind), we are always in search of happiness/satisfaction outside…but ultimate truth is inside! You will find bliss/happiness by closing yourself from outer world for few moments …by closing eyes and finding pleasure inside….finding true answers to your problems inside deep into our mind & consciousness…worshiping God (Soul inside the temple structure) Mind & Body. Thus, Khajuraho temple structures can also represents our human Mind, Body & Soul!


We can acquire ultimate bliss through Devotion (Bhakti) of God , eliminating our misconceptions about Life…Understanding illusion (Maya)….surrender yourself to Spirituality & Mediation….sink into Prayers and soothing vibrations of Chanting…experience the ultimate Bliss/Satisfaction/Peace/Stillness that we always crave in our stressful life!

This is the core idea ..which represents Khajuraho Temple structures with exotic sculptures outside. Temple is trying to give this important message since 1000 years, but due to influence of western beliefs & old misconceptions, many visitors still could not understand this deep philosophy behind magnificent Khajuraho structures.

Hope now visitors will correct their misconceptions, will change their attitude towards these great monuments and learn this deep philosophy of life hidden in the structures.

__/\__ SALUTE to all ancient Architects, Sculpturers & Engineers who built these stunning monuments. Hats-off to their Devotion to God. Thank you for teaching us the great Vedic Wisdom!  __/\__


Image source: “en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Khajuraho_Group_of_Monuments”

Sources: Google search, Wikipedia, and all other links mentioned in the post.