~ ‘AWAKE: The Life of Yogananda’ Movie Trailer

Trailer of new English movie ‘Awake: The Life of Yogananda‘ on the life of  Indian Hindu Spiritual Guru Paramhansa Yogananda,author of world famous book Autobiography of a Yogi

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Finally West accepted ‘Yoga is Science’!!

“YOG” (correct Sanskrit word not Yoga!) was invented by Hindu Scientists (Rishis) & being practiced since over 6000 years by all Sanatanis (Hindus/Buddhist/Jainism people) in Bharat (India) as  Scientific tool for Mind,Body, Health,Wellness & Longevity.

See my other posts how YOG is integral part of Hinduism:

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~ Yoga : Simple Daily Poses By Shipla Shetty…

Model & Hindi Movie (Bollywood) actress, Shilpa Shetty is teaching different Asanas ( poses ) of Yoga…Watch short 1 min clip each (in English) & practice simple Yoga poses to align your Body, Mind, Spirit and Soul…This series got tremendous response since when it was released. Continue reading

~ Science Behind Yajna / Yagna ( Fire Ritual)

YAJNA / YAGYA / HOMA / HAVAN, a powerful Hindu Vedic fire ritual  combines 2 energy systems- Fire & Sound (through Sanskrit Mantra chanting), to get Physiological, Psychological, Environmental & Spiritual healing benefits (See post for information, photos, clip & Slideshow). “Heal the atmosphere and the healed atmosphere will heal you” says Dr. Madhukar Gaikwad on Yajna Process. Continue reading