Hinduism influence on great heritage of Indonesia

See beautiful & well researched informative clips & photos…Indonesia, once a Hindu country, still shares influence of Hindu culture; especially from Indian states of Manipur, Odisha & Kerala in the form of –

  • Yogic Science (Kundalini on which Dance,Yoga & Martial arts in Hinduism are based),

  • Art (Rasa/Textile weaving/Rangoli/Kolam),

  • Dance & Dramas (Natya-shastra),

  • Martial Art ( Kalaripayattu from Kerala & Thangta from Manipur),

  • Music ( Indian classical Raga or Sangeet-shastra) ,

  • Eco-friendly & sustainable way of living in harmony with nature,

  • family traditions & togetherness to live a peaceful & happy life,

  • Respect to others/Togetherness/Plural society,

  • Ramayana (Rama & Hanumana ) & Mahabhrata (Krishna & Pandavas) stories ;famous Hindu Historical epics to take inspirations about Dharma & Adharma teachings in daily life.

Watch this well researched documentary to understand Indian (Hindu/Buddhist) influence on Indonesia’s beautiful culture and heritage.

Prambanan, largest Hindu (Vishnu & Shiva) Temple in Indonesia, a UNESCO world Heritage site:

To explore Indonesia more, see my other post:

 Bali’s famous Hindu/Buddhist Astrology, Meditation & Healing expert in movie Eat, Pray & Love:

Do you remember a scene at Bali in “Eat , Pray & Love” movie where actress Julia Roberts visits to a Hindu Palm reader. His actual name is Mr. Ketut Liyer, owner of ”Smiling Medition – Bali’s famous strologer/Meditation & Healing practitioner.

Comparison : Hinduism in India & Indonesia

Hindu Classical dance:

HINDU-DANCE-INDIA-INDONESIADrama based on Hindu scripture Ramayana

Ramayana-India-Indonesiaindonesian-hindu-danceLoom Weaving: Loom weaving- India-Indonesia  Indonesian Hindus praying: Hindu-Indonesia Hindu-Indonesia-1 hindu-indonesia-2indo-4Photo Source: Timescape indonesia” clip above

Source: “Timescape indonesia” clip, MovieClips user at youtube,


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