~ Beautiful Indian Cultural Performance at Hannover Messe Industrial Fair Germany #MakeInIndia

Incredible India in 15 minutes! Beautiful, Elegant Dance moves, Peaceful Sanskrit Mantras, Soothing music,…Watch and understand beautiful Indian culture through this inaugural session performance (also see text & pictures below) at world’s biggest Industrial Fair – Hannover Messe in Germany, held between 13-17 Aril 2015. This year India is leading partner to this fair inviting world companies to manufacture in India through Make-In-India campaign and showcasing its manufacturing potential and opportunities to the world.

Hannover Messe (Hanover Fair), started in 1947 at Hanover city in Germany, is now World’s Biggest Industrial Fair organized each year at Hanover.

India PM Mr. Narendra Modi, German Chancellor Ms. Angela Markel and with other Global CEOs, diplomats and officials were present during this Hannover Messe 2015 inaugural presentation.

Watch Clips of Indian Cultural performance followed by India PM address to audience welcoming them to Make-In-India initiatives. Also, see in pictures complete coverage of India PM’s visit to Germany to inauguraral day of Hannover Messe 2015 Exibition.

What is “Make In India” initiative by Indian Government?

India aims to become an important manufacturing hub for global companies. Before Arabic/Turkish and European/British barbaric invasions in India, say before 1700 AD (till 1947 AD), India alone used to contribute about 35% of World GDP and about 40% of World Manufacturing at that time!

Read my full post –History of Indian and World GDP in last 2000 years

India still has great hidden potential, which many couldn’t see from abroad. Small (population) countries where local Small, Medium & Large scale companies hesitate to enter big market like India due to their various concerns. In order to address this hurdle, Make-In-India initiative is launched by Indian Government to bring together Indian and Global companies to explore possibilities of manufacture in India, supply to Indian market and also to world from same factory set-up in India. Also, to help foreign companies to take part in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) initiatives in about 25 sectors identified by Make-In-India campaign (see teaser below).

One successful example of Make-In-India type idea is – World Automobile industry situated in India. Almost all leading automobile companies (both 2 and 4 wheelers) in the world have industrial plant/ office/Innovation/ IT centre in India. They are manufacturing, Innovating and supplying to Indian as well as world market at one centralized facility.

India has all three ‘D’s required for successful global business –

  • Demand (India is market of 1.25 billion consumers),

  • Demography (with 65% population below average age of 35 years is a great advantage for companies to get/train all kinds of skilled manpower),

  • Democracy (India is world’s largest democracy and Indian culture is inclusive for diversity and new ideas)

Watch beautiful Indian cultural performance at the Inaugural Session of Hannover Messe 2015

– At start, listen (till first 2:45 min) soothing Sanskrit “Su-Swagatam” song to welcome guest with OM Shanti Shanti Mantra performed by Indian yoga students

Watch Indian PM Mr. Modi’s speech after cultural performance at the Inaugural Session of Hannover Messe, Germany (11 April 2015)

Make In India – Teaser

In Pictures: Indian Cultural Performance

Indian Performance in sequence:

  • Yog students performing Sanskrit “Suswagatam” Song with Om Shanti Mantra

  • Various Indian classical dances from different states of India

  • Make In India – Lion logo showcase

  • Vande Mataram song by all dancers combined

Yoga2 Yoga-Swatik-4 Yoga-6 Yoga-7 "Yoga-Hindu-Welcome-India"

dd666 Kuchi1Kichi2Kerala3  Kathakali-1Kathhak-IndiaKathak-Taj-Mahal-India d2 Plate-DancePlate-Dance-1orisa2Puppet-IdolKArnataka-India Diwali1 Bjangda AP kerala1 orisa1 Rajasthan-DiwaliLion-Make-In-India Modi-Markel-India-GermanyMake-India-India-GermayIncredible-India-Germany Indian-DanceOther events of India’s PM at Germany

1 3 4 Modi-Markel Make-In-India-Hannover-Messe--Germany-2015 April-Gandhi-Statue-Hannover-Germany5 7 6 tea-217 16 3 5


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Image Sources: Government of India, Make India , Narendra Modi website Facebook and Twitter pages.

Sources: Govermetn of India, Make India , Narendra Modi website, Hannover Messe website, Nritarutya Dance Studio-Bangalore-India, Ajay-Atul Facebook, google search, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and all links in the post


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