~ Intermittent Fasting helps in Reversing Diabetes type 2 naturally!

New research claims that Intermittent Fasting (like in Hindu Religious Fasting rituals eating raw Vegetables/Fruits) and diet management helps in Reversing Type 2 Diabetes naturally! Doctor Jason Fung from Canada here is explaining how his patients followed 6 steps which includes Intermediate Fasting, got rid of insuline doses and maintained normal sugar levels through his designed programme called Intensive Diet Management (IDM):

  1. Intermittent Fasting

  2. Reduce Dietary refined carbohydrate

  3. Eat high fat diet (Natural fats)

  4. Eat Fibre

  5. Vinegar

  6. Eat Spices and Herbs

Dr. Jason Fung explaining different between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes followed by his research and patients recovery after following his IDM programme

Dr. Mark Hyman giving 5 steps to Reverse Diabetes and Insuline Resistance

Must see- Dr. Eric Berg, Vergenia, USA explaining “Myths about Blood Sugars and Diabetes”

There are many similar news which claims to Reverse Diabetes using proper fasting and dietary measures at YouTube – check here

Watch Yoga for Diabetes Patients by famous Indian Yog Guru Baba Ramdeo

Daily Yoga for Diabetes patients by Yog Guru Baba Ramdeo (Hindi)

 Read my posts: Ayurveda Remedy for Diabetic and Sugar Cautious

Hope this information will help. Please share to your friends and family, someone somewhere might need this badly.


Declaimer: This is for your information about new research in Diabetes, probably a new hope for millions of Type 2 Diabetes or sugar cautious or Pre-diabetic patients. Please consult your doctor before attempting this treatment. Its reader’s own responsibility to confirm facts from authentic diabetes expert/doctor and Yoga expert. This blog wont be responsible for any issues regarding in future.


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Picture credit: Dr Josung Frank video Sources: Google search, Youtube, facebook, baba ramdeo’s Patajali yoga-india, Dr. Eric Berg, Mark Hyman, Dr. Jason Fung, and all links


6 thoughts on “~ Intermittent Fasting helps in Reversing Diabetes type 2 naturally!

  1. Yes, this is definitely the way to go…hubby and I have been on a nutritional cleansing regimen for over 2 years now and his blood sugar is now back to normal after being pre-diabetic. Triglycerides are normal now too! Our regimen involves high protein shakes, healthy eating and snacks, and intermittent fasting while drinking a cleansing juice. Great post and blog!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Ma’am for sharing your experince…Your diet programme will help many who are struggling but couln’t find right way…Its quite clear now that proper diet and intermittent fasting is very helpful…keep posted, cya

      Liked by 1 person

    • Yup…Our Rishis studied everything thoroughly and gave us simple Hindu lifestyle to stay healthy.. But we ignorent GenY,desperate to blindly copy west, ended up being unhealthy like them! Need to follow simple, healthy n sustainable Vedic Diet/ Lifestyle…


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