~ Indian Stand-up Comedians on Bollywood :)

Hilarious ūüôā

Indian Stand-up comedian’s group East Indian Comedy (EIC) takes on Bollywood movies and Actors….watch clip collection.

EIC vs Bollywood: Introduction

EIC vs Bollywood: Worst Song

EIC vs Bollywood: Stars Vs. Paparazzi

Solo performance: Atul Khatri

Solo performance: Saurabh Pant

Action in Hollywood vs Bollywood

Star Kids That Should Not Have Kids.

Solo performance: Sahil Shah

Priyanka Chopra Vs Parineeti Chopra

Bollywood vs Science

Solo performance:  Span Varma

Kapil Sharma vs Kapil Sharma

Bollywood vs Plagiarism


Image Credit: EIC clip

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~ Stand-up Comedy: India and its neighbors :)

Comedian Atul Khatri,being born in mixed family, discussing his funny experience of India and its neighbors…

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~ Big In Bollywood ….Chatur’s Story!

This man¬†is enough to put a¬†Big Smile ūüôā¬†on your face¬†&¬†take you back to¬†some hilarious¬†memories in your life, scenes from movie “3 Idiots” (with Rating 8.2,¬†movie belongs to club of all time top 250 movies at IMDB), which is also¬†¬† a most watched Bollywood movie¬†by international audience! He is Mr. Omi Vaidya , an American-Indian actor, known as ‘Chatur’ after his hilarious performance in movie 3 idiots!.

3 idiots movie¬†is most favourite¬†Indian movie abroad and dubbed or subtitled in many international languages. Definitely, one of the movie you won’t mind to watch¬†again & again ūüôā

Watch more about movie ‘3 Idiots’ @ YOUTUBE¬†@ IMDB @ Wikipedia @ Facebook

‘Big In Bollywood’ is an award winning documentary on Mr. Omi Vaidya about his struggle from L.A. to Bollywood star. Watch trailer below:

Trailer ” Big In Bollywood”- Mr. Omi Vaidya’s journey

Photos: ‘Chatur Mahalingam’ a.k.a. ‘Silencer’ a.k. a. Mr. Omi Vaidya


Actor Omi Vaidya in Movie 3 Idiots (2009)


A funny scene from movie 3 idiots (2009)

3 idiot-wallpaper-gi

3 idiots Movie wallpaper . Photo- sulekha.com

Image credit: Stills from given clip , Wallpaper@ “movies.sulekha.com/hindi/3-idiots/wallpapers/1024/image25772.htm”

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~ East India (Stand-up) Comedy :))

‘East India Comedy’, is¬†a famous¬†group of young Indian stand-up comedians (English language) with some of hit comedians on board¬†like: Saurabh Pant, Kunal Rao, Sapan Varma, and Sahil shah.¬†Watch¬†some of¬†hilarious stuffs from these guys ūüôā

  • Kunal Rao on ‘Air india’

Sapan Verma on Race 2 (Hindi movie)’ – HERE

  • Saurabh Pant on ‘Cows’

For more clips and hilarious stuff  visit:

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~ Entertainment for Kids : Movies / Rhymes / Tales / Stories / Yoga / Animation / Good Habits / Education

Kids YouTube Play lists/ Channels:

Please find Indian animated movies, stories, tales , rhymes, etc for kids in English & other Indian regional laguages. Click on title to watch video. Visit this place for updated information in future.

 1. Rajshri Kids PlayLists: For company information visit here

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6. Indian Regional Laguages Stories




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