~ Space Tourism: Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin Re-Usable Rocket lands successfully

Space Exploration is much Easier, Cost Effective and Safe after this new game changing “Re-Usable” Rocket Booster technology by Mr Jeff Bezos & scientist team, which on 23 Nov 2015 successfully demonstrates Blue Origin re-usable Rocket to space and safely lands back both Rocket and upper capsule (designed for travelers) separately.

Company comments -“Blue Origin’s New Shepard space vehicle successfully flew to space, reaching its planned test altitude of 329,839 feet (100.5 kilometers) before executing a historic landing back at the launch site in West Texas.”

Historic Blue Origin Rocket Landing

CNN money-Jeff Bezos launches a rocket & lands it

First Flight-Blue Origin-Test- April 2015

Watch all Stunning Videos @Blue Origin Channel

In Pictures: Blue Origin Re-usable Rocket

Jeff-BEzos-Blue-Origin-rocket-Nov-24-2015 Blue-Origin-1 Blue-Origin-2 Blue-Origin-3 Blue-Origin-2015 Blue-Origin-Capsule Blue-Origin-Space-ExplorationBlue-Origin-ReturnsBlue-Origin-TweetsWhen Indian Bollywood Superstars were busy in damaging India’s image worldwide and wasting Nation’s Time, team of Scientists in USA quietly working day and night to test- First Re-Usable Rocket technology for mankind!

#AapWapsi: Protest against actor Aamir Khan

Salute to Team Blue Origin for this Leapfrogging Technology!

Blue-Origin-Team-23-Nov-2015 Blue-Origin-Team-Celebration Image Credit: Screenshot from clip above

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~ Mangalyaan: First picture of Red Planet by Indian Mars Orbiter

Indian space Research Organization (ISRO), who in their first attempt successfully put Mangalyaan ( Mars Orbiter) to planet Mars on 24th Sept 2014, releases first set of incredible pictures of planet Mars using on-board Mars colour camera.

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~ Mangalyaan: India successfully reached planet Mars in First Attempt!

MOM finally meets Mars!! See full Mangalayan mission coverage below…

Today India became first country in the world to reach red planet- Mars in FIRST ATTEMPT using all indigenously developed space technology that to most cost effective Mars space programme in human history (just $ 72 M, less than many Hollywood movie budget!) and 4th country to joined limited Mars mission elite club after USA,Russia & EU agency (SEE full clip after picture gallery below).

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