~ Indian Girl’s Innovation: World’s First Fully Automatic Roti (Tortilla) Maker

The Best Gift to Indian Mother / Wife / Sister / Girl Friend / Lazy Guys and those who love Indian wheat flour Roti / Nan / Chapati / Tortilla…Ms. Pranoti Nagarkar (see in clip) , a Pune based Mechanical Engineer now at Singapore, has invented and started commercial production of ROTIMATIC i.e. World’s first fully automatic Roti Maker! šŸ™‚

Rotimatic –Ā Product DemoĀ & Ms. Pranoti’s interview (Via Zimplistic)

Ms. PranotiĀ Nagarkar had developed her automatic Roti maker idea in 2006 and patented it. In 2009, sheĀ  won the $40000 top prize at business plan competition organized by NUSĀ  in Singapore and Young entrepreneurship scheme (YES) award for start-ups. Ms. Pranoti Nagarkar has started her company Zimplastic Pte Ltd at Singapore to commercially produceĀ Rotimatic appliancesĀ .More details at company website.


Ms. Pranoti Nagarkar working in laboratory Photo: NUS Singapore

Right now there are many roti makers in the Indian market where your have to make separate Wheat flour dough and then put it into Roti maker machine. Also, all such machines are designed for large-scale like for Hotels, Pilgrim places, restaurant, wedding ceremony, etc.

But, what makes Rotimatic different thatĀ it is very compact, portable home appliance for familyĀ Ā Ā and it can do both tasks Ā of making dough + making roti automatically in a single micro oven size structure! So, it is one of its kinds and looks attractive!

Follow latest happenings, press releases , orders & satisfied customers @ “blog.rotimatic.com”


Rotimatic- Fully Automatic Roti-maker Photo: Rotimatic.com

Rotimatic features (via company website):

  • It makes 1 roti per minute
  • No need to make dough by hands, machine makes it automatically!
  • Just put Wheat flour , water and oil in separate compartments given at top to machine
  • Holds up to 20 Rotis worth of ingredients (Wheat flourĀ  + Oil + water)
  • You can choose Thickness , Softness and oilĀ as per your choice by digital control Suitable for all wheat flour brands
  • Can make up to 20 Rotis per fillĀ 
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Also makes Doughballs & puri (poori) sized flour discs. Then you can fry it in separate oil pan.
  • Price is unknown.


According to Marketwired report – For units to ship in 2015, preorder price in US is $599 (with 10% deposits at the time of order)Ā  and retail price is $999..

More details here:

Zimplistic Announces Preorders for Rotimatic in US

Good to see India’s new generation is not waiting for multinationals to produce India centric products! Indian youngsters, be it in India or abroad,Ā  areĀ  inventing various innovative products for India and also taking leap intoĀ  business/entrepreneurship world.

Best wishes to Zimplistic & Rotimatic, keep up the good work! Thank you Ms. Pranoti Nagarkar & Team for this valuable gift to millions of Indian (South Asian) Women, working couplesĀ  and lazy bachelors!! šŸ˜€


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For more details about Rotimatic and FAQ visit company website – “rotimatic.com” or follow their official facebookĀ page.

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Image Credits: Screen shots – Rotimatic “rotimatic.com”, Ā Ms. Pranoti “eng.nus.edu.sg/ero/news/index.php?id=301”

Sources: Zimplistic company , Rotimatic website and Facebook page, Youtube, google search, NUS news about Ms. Pranoti, and all links mentioned in the post.


11 thoughts on “~ Indian Girl’s Innovation: World’s First Fully Automatic Roti (Tortilla) Maker

    • When I wrote about it, I couldn’t find information whether they are selling units in India or not…USA information is available with price in USD, so I mentioned there…Only company officials can tell the exact price for Indians in INR…hope it will available in India soon šŸ™‚


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