~ Decolonizing the Indian Civil Services…. #UPSC #IAS #IFS #IPS

MUST SEE video with slides exposing western funded Abrahmic-Marxist self-proclaimed Post-modernist /Liberal/ Intellectual/ Left Wing  people’s deep rooted intervations in Indian Civil Service Examination and overall Education!

MUST SEE for IAS /IPS / IFS /UPSC / Civil service aspirants in India.

Famous Indian American Best-seller Author, Researcher Mr Rajiv Malhotra on Decolonizing the Indian Civil Services

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Video Slides for reference:

Now see how Abrahmic-Marxist invaders from Eorope & Arab gave so much Peace , Love, Ethic, Morality, Rights , Social Laws, Economy to Indians in their  500 years of stay…

Made India from No 1 GDP in the world  till 18th century with 33% share to less than 1%…British went from 0 to 5% with loot!

Read: History of different Country’s GDP  in last 2000 years

There is no child labor laws for Masters okay!….yeah…

Over 10000 tigers were killed just for fun! There is no Animal Rights , Environment laws, Global Warming thing for “Ethical” “Moral” “Civilized” Masters okay? uhhh

Bengal Famine in 18th century by invader Europe-British killed millions people in India out of  starvation as all Indian food is exported to Europe as “Stock”!…So much human rights, civilization, values , human rights given to Indians by European Masters!


OM Shanti Shanti Shanti….

  • Peace Inside
  • Peace Outside
  • Peace in Cosmos

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~ Social Experiment: How much street Begger earns?

Proves again India is not a Poor Country but Poorly Managed Country! Many Beggers (career?) in Indian cities earns more than any fresh Graduate! See short clip below, this interesting social experiment, an actor became one day Begger on Delhi street…This completely exposes the Begger Racket in India!

The actor in this clip earned double than what any fresh graduate in city will earn per month!

Message is clear – don’t fall for looks/dress of begger and avoid giving cash help to street begger before verifying whether he is actually ‘poor’…Avoid making fool of yourself by these thugs!

Irony, due to such ignorance, those who are really poor do not get much help…those who are into this Begger Racket only earns…

India should manage its resouces/help properly by going directly to those who needs them most.

Biased Western propoganda against India also blames that  Indian society has not enough kind people to help poor section …Indians don’t spend much on “Charity” like west!

Indian Culture which teaches serving/sharing one dish for street cows, animals and birds from their daily meal (see picture below clip), should not be gazed using western lense and defination of  ‘Charity’.

Indian ways are different, may not be well managed, scattered and more person-to-person help rather than organized way….

Also most importantly, Hindu philosophy believes not to show-off and don’t do any propoganda of your Seva-Dharma (shallow transaltion in english – Charity), else person will loose the fruit of his/her good Karma.

This makes more difficult to check society’s  Seva-Dharma. People may not discuss their help openly unlike Western PR campaign…Many Indians believe to keep doing their Good Karma without bragging…

Average indians definately are willing to help but such  middle men racket and many fake NGOs do not let it go to the needy!

How Much a Beggar Earns? (via IndiViral)

To see complete expose of street begging industry on Mumbai roads, there was famous Hindi /Bollywood movie called – “Traffic Signal” by famous director Mr MAdhur bhandarkar (see clip via Cinecurry).

Mother Earth is for all Creatures not just for human!

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~ Capitalism & Layoff: Even Richest guy in the World couldn’t stop Job Cuts!

Report suggests layoff is inevitable to move “Faster” and “Efficiently” for “BETTER” future!!(see clip)..Can somebody please explain new definition of “BETTER” in Globalization?? Need to redefine it!..

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~ 7 Techniques to help you quit Job/Career Fear and ‘Reboot’ Life

Priya Parker has proposed crazy but effective seven steps to eliminate FEAR about quitting your current career/job to choose things you are really passionate in life! She has given interesting 7 steps that will help you to switch career to follow your heart! The steps are helpful in transition stage when you have decided (or wish)  to quit your current career but not sure how you will land to your dream career. It will help you to analyse your mental, emotional, physical and financial stage before switching to new exciting but unexpected life.

All these crazy things given in talk will help you to build your muscles for discomfort and remove your fear. Her experience while dealing with many successful people (who could actually  quit their past career and reboot) is that; the successful people had actually managed to live in uncomfortable situations and manage fear in life.


Seven steps to check your strength & weaknesses, interest/passion of life , limits/constrains, etc to reboot life; which are discussed in Priya’s TED talk , are described below:

STEP 1 (Mental & Emotional level)- Take the obituary test and make sure you pass: Write down your Obituary on paper. Answering basic questions like; how do you I want to live my life? etc.

STEP 2 (Mental & Emotional level) – Passion comic strip: What passion do you have? Interview 5-10 close people ask them When they have seen you happy? Draw on paper cartoon series about your passion and thing you wish to do or did till now.

STEP 3 (Physical & Emotional)- Get comfortable with this concept: Build your muscles for discomfort i.e. get habituated with awkward and humiliating situations in life! Just for the experiment she has suggested following 3 crazy ways –

  • (a)      Start singing in public places when in queue or standing. Notice your emotions inside  the body (heart),and feelings while doing this.
  • (b)      Go outside for dinner alone (habit of staying alone), without reading  material, mobile or anything to entertain
  • (c)      Stand-up facing back towards door in a lift (different from others)

STEP 4 (Mental & Emotion)- Life Sentence: Give yourself a life sentence, like many organization and companies generally have their mission and vision statements. Ask questions like, What do I value? What is purpose of my life?,etc see below:

  •  A. What are the qualities and values that I bring with me (regardless of family or at work)?
  • B. What is that I actually Do?
  • C. Why I do all this? It is most difficult but important task. It helps in analysing your life and help you to make future decision-making about life

STEP 5 (Finance)-  Dwindling-Cash Experiment:  To check how much money is enough money for you to live a normal life. In this experiments you first note down how much money you spend on yourself per month (not how much you earn) . Take that amount from bank and put it in an envelope. Then divide it into 4 parts (40%, 30%, 20% and 10% of total).  Then expose yourself to 4 different money parts one in each week. Start with 40% money for first week, then 30% in next week, etc. Note down what you did in each week and how did you manage e.g.  live with this much money for one week each to know how much money is sufficient for you/your habits/constraints/spending pattern, mind-set, etc. Find out what amount you are comfortable with and live on. Build a financial model and see how much you need to “reboot” your life.

STEP 6 (Mental) – Help Somebody else: Identify 5 different friends/person who are doing different and interesting jobs. Ask them whether you can spend 1 hour with them to solve any of their difficult problem in their business. It will build habit , how can I help others and  realize which problems you can/can’t solve ( your strength weakness analysis).

STEP 7 (Mental & Emotional) – Social accountability & PR:  Invite your 7 ‘close’ friends and tell them about your plan of quitting current job and rebooting life. Note their Suggestions and reactions. This will help you to know about your Social accountability and PR groups practice.

Priya has summarized her talk with quotes:  “Step back from your life to see clearly… Don’t avoid thinking about the meanings just because it scares you. Changes in the universe are very hard to make, but they are even harder to make if you don’t spend time thinking about what matters to you. Imagine the consciousness in the History of not doing the things, if Leonardo da Vinci hadn’t stuck to his plan or if Albert Einstein had remain the Patent Officer…Changing the Universe needs time , Space and Risk. So, I urge to you, think about what matters to you, what makes you to come alive and think about wants actually happening in the world. Then think critically and deeply about how you want to dive in, other wise you might be cheating your future that you have to give”. See her full TED talks below.

Hope these eye opener talks and crazy suggestions will help you to follow your heart! 🙂 It’s up to you to decide how you choose your path and start walking!

Priya Parker on “How to Quit fear (and reboot) @ TEDxUHasselt

Priya Parker on ‘The fear of missing out’ @ TEDXCambridge

Another excellent talk about doing thinks in life and what we are missing.

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~ Recession-proof Jobs and Businesses

Information about some of the recession-proof jobs/careers and businesses. It will help you to plan your journey through tough time in slow down.

Recession-proof Jobs:

Collection of few interesting recession-proof job profiles.

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Recession-proof Business:

Here are some selected industries and business opportunities which are generally considered as free from recession time.

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Hope this will help you. If you have any other ideas/comments about recession-proof opportunities , kindly share your thoughts.

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