NavRatri 2017 Dress Colours List – 9 Dress Code Colors for Nine Days Durga Pooja Festival

See Navratri Nine Colour Dress Codes for 2017 Durga Pooja festival.

Celebrate 9 shades of Womanhood with Hindu holy Nine Nights long Goddess Durga (Shiva’s wife) worship using following Nine different Colour Dress Codes, one for each day from 21st to 29th September 2017!

Purify yourself this Navaratri (Nine nights); omitting Negativity around you into Positivity with Goddess Durga Worship, Fasting, offering Holy Food together with Family.

More about Festival,see previous post:

NavRatri 9 Colours Dress Code and 9 Manifestations of Goddess Durga

9 Colour Dress Codes for Navaratri / Durga Pooja 2017

"Navratri 9 Different Colour Codes 2017 - Durga Pooja Festival"Listen Powerful NavDurga Mahishasur Mardini Mantra for Goddess Worship

May Goddess Durga transform all of us…

…from Unhealthy to Healthy

…from Ignorance to Wisdom

…from Ego to Compassion

…Hatred to Mutual Respect

…Delusion to Reality

…Selfishness to Gratitude

…Violent to Peaceful

…Greedy to Sharing

…Self Centered to Belongingness

…Weakness to Strength

…Weakness to Strength

…Negative to Positive

…Defeat to Victory

|| Om Dam Durgaye Namaha ||

Goddess Durga (Lord Shiva’s wife) pics:

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~ Navaratri 9 Colour Dress Codes for 2016 Goddess Durga Festival

// Om Dam Durgaye Namaha //

"Navratri 9 Different Colour Codes 2017 - Durga Pooja Festival"
Happy Navaratri to all… Celebrate 9 shades of Woman Power…Hindus world wide are Celebrating 9 different manifestation of Goddess Durga with 9 different auspecious dress codes for next 9 days (1st-9th Oct)…

Here are colour dress codes for next 9 days! Bless yourself with 9 shades of woman power! 9-dress-colour-codes-goddess-durga-navaratri-celebration-2016-hinduism-india


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Spiritual and Scientific Significance of Goddess Durga Navaratri Festival:

Goddess Durga symbolizes a  supreme power (Shakti ) which resets Positivity , Prosperity , Peace within us & in society around by removing/conquering all Negativity.


Its time to surrender yourself towards Ultimate Energy source/Universe Creator and ask for Blessing to remove Negativity  / Vasanas /Greed / Selfishness / Jealousy / Wildness / Evil within us and set up Positivity/Strength/Courage/Wisdom to solve our problems & help us to live a happy life.

On 10th day there is celebration called Dashahara or  Vijayadashami , which symbolizes victory of Positivity over Negativity.

Also, a time to say Thank you & Good Bye to Mother Goddess Durga for her presence & bliss  so that she will come back again next year to bless us.

Why 9 Dress Codes and 9 Manifestations?

Number 9 represents 9 different Cosmic Feminine Forces which balances our life…9 forms of Feminine Sahkti (power)..important in life….9 shades of womenwood. These 9 manifestations of Goddess Durga has significance in Hindu Sciprutres.  9 also represents 9 planets which has direct or inderct effect on our life…

Thus, Durga Festival is a celebration of Colours in Life too! Traditionally, along with Mother Goddess Durga statue, ladies/devotees wear 9 different colour Sari/Saree  (Dress) for 9 different days!! NavRatri (Nine nights) celebration for Goddess Durga is a very special occasion; especially for Ladies!!

goddess-durga-hindu-idniansLet’s pray to  supreme source – Durga to stay in our Heart and Guide us further…..

|| Jai Maa Durga ||

O Mother (Maa) Durga,….

We Thank you for arriving our Home (Heart) & accepting our Hospitality

O Shakti , Bless us Vision to spread Positivity, Peace & Prosperity Worldwide

Enlighten our Mind to find Good Purpose To Our Life

Nourish us to understand the Ultimate Truth & Wisdom

Provide us Knowledge to find Positive Paths

Fill us with Sense to avoid any Negative action

Flood our heart with Love & Sense of Belonging

Guide us to foster Joy & Happiness in the world

Give us Strength to handle all Problems

Help us grow Compassion to include everyone (Human/Animals/Plants/Nature)

Forgive us if we unknowingly did anything wrong

Pump enough Courage within us to walk on this difficult road

Take us to the ultimate journey of positive Karma & Dharma

O the great Shakti , accept our request to rule our Heart ,Mind & Soul forever

|| Jai Maa Shakti ||


~ Happy Gregorian New Year : Comparing East Vs West Celebrations

Wish You & Family a very Happy New Year 2016….

1st January is a start of Eurocentric Abrahmic Gregorian  New Calender Year…which is generally used in International Trade to avoid confusion. However, many countries still follow their own ancient Calendar in daily life, like in India (for Festivals, Maths, Astronomy, Marriages, Rituals, etc).

On the occasion of 1st Jan 2016, a Gregorian new year, lets learn important life lesson about Cultural, Economical, Social and Mental damage to country & its citizens due to choosing wrong calendar!

Understand journey of 2 calendars used in India – Gregorian for Global Trade/Business/Offices and Indian Traditional calendar which is much before Gregorian calendar or Abrahmics formation in west….used in all Indian Astronomy, Navigations, Agriculture, Religious festivals, Astrology (panchang),etc.

Major Difference between EAST Vs WEST New Year Celebration:

  • WEST- New Year Day starts at mid-night at 12:00 AM in DARK

  • INDIA – New Year Day starts with Sun Rise at 6:30 AM in SUNLIGHT &  POSITIVITY…

But, since when European Invasion (1857 – 1947),   India was forced to use Gregorian calendar as colonial tactics to brainwash people & deprive them from their own great ancient knowledge & wisdom.

Irony, it is neither suitable for Indian Whether and Climate…nor for Agricultural & economy…World famous Indian Mathematician Genius Prof C K Raju, one of fathers of Indian Supercomputer – PARAM in 1984 onwards and author of over 12 best selling books and many articles on Mathematics, Physics and Plilosophy of Science, is exposing here damages done to Indian economy, culture, astronomy and agriculture by using Gregorian calendar which is Abrahmic calculations for European whether/year!

Worth watching…show it to your kids & others interested in Maths, True World History, Geopolitics, East Vs West studies, Indian Civilization , Indology, Hinduism etc

A Tale of Two Calendars by Prof C K Raju (India Inspires Talks)

BTW – In Universe , nothing has changed…all planets are still revolving and stable….Only we humans  unnecessary give too much attention on Day-Night! 🙂

Its just another day and yet another year in life!

Pictures: East VS West New Year Celebration Difference


INDIA New Year Celebration starts at first ray of Sun light by offering Holy Water, Prayers, Yoga (Pranayam & Suryanamaskar) and then Temple Prayers to ask for blessings.

Sun-Prayers-Surya-Pooja offering water-to-sun-morning-prayer-india-hinduism-new-year  Hindu-new-yar-morning-prayers-india hindu-new-year-prayers- Hindu-lady-ganga-morning-prayers-new year Morning prayers-ganga-india-sun-morning-yogaSurya-namaskar-prayers-hinduism-new-year-indiahindu-man-sun-prayers-moring-new-year


Peace (shanti) @ Inner world…

Peace @ Outside world…

Peace @ Universe….

Image Credit: India Inspire Talks, Prof C K Raju, Webpages -“authoritynutrition” “flickr” “dreamstime” “rantchic” “OnlinePrasad” “hinduismdecoded blog” “picslist” “dawn” and “twinpossible”

Sources: Google plus images and search, above WebPages for images , you tube, India inspires, and all links in the post.

~ Diwali Festival: Indian Fashion and Make up…

Wish You & Family a Very Happy Diwali…Diwali or Deepavali (means lighting row of lamps on darkest night of year) is biggest Hindu festival for victory of Positivity over Negativity, is being celebrated for 5 days in 2015 on November – 9, 10, 11, 12, 13th by Hindus all across the world.

Watch beautiful videos by an Indian lady at her You tube Channel…showing Ladies Traditional Dresses, Make up, Fashion accessories, etc for Diwali festival…

10000+ years old Indian culture by default adopts latest things keeping old Philosophy in its pure form completely intact i.e. MODERNIZATION withought WESTERNIZATION. Check below – New Diwali Fashion,Make-up & Lifestyle….

In 2015 Diwali is celebrated on following days, has various Spiritual & Historical, & Scientific significance…

Families, Relatives and Friends come together for a week to celebrate Diwali. There will be shopping, fashion, colorful decorations, oil lamps lighting each day, family Prayers, sharing Gifts, Nice Food, Dance, Fun Games, visiting temples, Donations, Giving charity, etc….

Diwali is a complete Mega-Festival Package of spreading Positivity, Bliss, Happiness, Compassion, Belongingness, Interpersonal bonding, Pampering & Love from Family and Elders along with Spiritual process of Hindu Goddess Laxmi worship & other prayers.

Day 1 (Nov 9) : Dhanatrayodashi

– Auspicious day for Metal buying, worshiping God Dharnvantari for giving life saving Ayurveda (herbal) knowledge to mankind.

Day 2 (Nov 10): Narak-chaturdashi

– Early morning before sunrise Royal bath with oil message & Sandal scented paste followed by family prayers & temple visit.

Day 3 (Nov 11): Deepavali-Goddess Laxmi Pooja/ worship

– Most significant day. Its a darkest night in year..Goddess Laxmi is worshiped- to bring Luck, Prosperity and Wealth…followed by greeting each others, lighting lamps, decoration, food, playing games , fireworks, all night Spiritual songs and dance.

Day 4 (Nov 12): Padwa & Govardhan Pooja

– Husband-Wife or Spouse Day….strengthen bond between spouses and other family members…praying for good health, happiness to all by sharing gifts and blessings.

Day 5 (Nov 13): Bhai Duj

– Sister-Brother Day…to increase Love & Respect bonding between siblings, sharing gifts, followed by family prayers, food, gifts, fireworks, family indoor fun games till late night.

Diwali Make up – 1

Diwali Make up – 2

Indian GRWM Hair & Makeup

Introduction to Indian Cloths & Shopping Tips

Gorgeous Indian lady is explaining all kinds of Indian Traditional ladies dresses – Anakalis, Sarris, Ghagras, Tops and Fashion accessories- Bangles, Ear Rings along with shopping tips!

Hindu Traditional Dance: Fashion & Make up

Beautiful Hindu Wedding

Getting ready for Indian Festival or Wedding

Pics-Diwali Make up and FashionIndian-hindu-diwali-shopping-1

Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival (1) Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival (3) Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival (4) Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival (5) Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival (6) Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival (7) Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival (8)  Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival (10) Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival (11) Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival (12) Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival (14) Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival (15)1-Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival-lifestyle 2-back up jewellery-Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival 3-Bindi Box-Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival 4-Ear-Rings-Diwali-Hindu-Indian-makeup 5-Iron Outfit-Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival 6-Jewellery-Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival 7-mehandi-hands-Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival 8-Pack Bangles-Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival 9-Payal-Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival 10-Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival 11-Pack Makeup-Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival 12-Handbag-Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival 13-Ear-rings-Hindu-Indian-make-up-diwali-Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival Diwali-fashion-Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival Diwali-fashion-Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival-sari-saree Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival-1 Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival-lifestyle (1) Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival-lifestyle (2) Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival-lifestyle (3) Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival-lifestyle (4) Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival-lifestyle (5) Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival-lifestyle (6) indian-cloths-Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival Indian-hindu-diwali-fashion 14 15 Hindu-Dress-Diwali-make-up-India-1 Diwali-Hindu-Festival-India-Prayer-Fashion-Makeup-1 Diwali-Hindu-Festival-India-Prayer-Fashion-Makeup-Wedding-1 Diwali-Hindu-Festival-India-Prayer-Fashion-Makeup-Wedding-2 Diwali-Hindu-Festival-India-Prayer-Fashion-Makeup-Wedding-3 Diwali-Hindu-Festival-India-Prayer-Fashion-Makeup-Wedding-4 Diwali-Hindu-Festival-India-Prayer-Fashion-Makeup-Wedding-5diwali-make-up-india-hindu-woman-Happy-Diwali-Greeting  Hindu-Diwali-FEstival-Navratri-Dance-1 Hindu-Diwali-Navaratri-Garba-Dance Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival (9) Hindu-Diwali-Make-up-Fashion-Indian-Women-FEstival (16)Happy-Diwali-Greeting

Image credits: screenshots form above clips

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~ Flash Mob in Saree :)


Creative, Stunning,Amazing First ever Flash Mob in Saree/Sari held in New Delhi 🙂


Bollywood actresses celebrating Hindu fasting festival “Karvachauth”- one day fast and prayers to deepen Husband-Wife bond…


First Flash Mob in Saree at Mall in New DelhiIndian-Saree-Flash-Mob-Sari-Hindu-women

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