~ Metaphysics of Yoga, Meditation and Sanskrit Mantra Chanting

Hindu Yoga, having Mind Science and Health benefits, is now fastest growing $80+ billion business with $10+ billion in USA only. West as per their tendency now wants to control and own Yoga…But do they know Metaphysics of Yoga, Meditation and Sanskrit Mantra Chanting? Can it fit to their Abrahmic system?

Learn in details with following 2 important videos.

MUST SEE both videos even if bit long discussion. It’s worth watching…Indian origin American best selling Author/Researcher in Indic studies Mr. Rajiv Malhotra  is sharing his valuable 25+ years research on the topic.

Many new ideas, scientific information, understand Yoga on Metaphysical level…how it is benefited to Mind and Body.

Rajiv Malhotra discussing Metaphysics and Science behind Hindu Yoga practices:

  • How west is appropriating/digesting Hindu yoga

  • Metaphysics and mind science of Yoga

  • Can it fit into western Abrahmic religions?

Mr Rajiv Malhotra’s discussion with a Western White Hindu Lady:

  • Digestion/Appropriation of Yoga by West

  • Metaphysics of Hinduism Vs Abrahmic religions

  • Effect of Meditation and Yoga on Body and mind

  • Metaphysics of Sanskrit Mantra Chanting on Mind

  • Why Sanskrit Mantra Chanting can’t be substitute with other language words

  • Why on one hand west is Digesting Hindu Yoga & other side there is deliberate Hinduphobia in west


Pics: Selected slides from above discussions.


Image credit: Rajiv Malhotra videos,GOI Germany MakeInIndia performance, screenshot from ProYogAdvertise

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~ Unique Revelations: Last Interview of Yoga Guru BKS Iyengar

Incredible journey of World famous Yoga Guru BKS Iyengar [24/12/1918 to 20/8/2014],founder of Iyengar Yoga….This was his last inspirational words before he left his body at age of 96 in 2014….

In 1954, when he was invited in Britain to teach Yoga, he was treated like Black SLAVE … given only bread & coffee to survive …Westerners used to mock him as:

BKS= Beating-Kicking-Shouting

Now after 50 years, same Westerners bows down before him, flown to India at his Pune Ashram to learn Yoga ..and now praises him

BKS= Beauty-Knowledge-Serenity!!

Famous last interview of Yoga Guru BKS Iyengar in 2014

Must buy DVD : 6000 years History of Yoga

DVD launch: Interesting lecture by Chief Guest Rajiv Malhotra on “History of Yoga” DVD

Thank you Guruji for your service to Dharma, India and Humanity…

BSK-Iyenga-Yoga-Last-Interview-India BSK-Iyengar-GiImage Sources: Vishuddhi Filsm and Deepika Kothari

Soruces: Vishuddhi Filsm and Deepika Kothari, youtube, Infinity Foundation, and all links in the post.

~ Significance of International Yoga Day: ‘Namaskar’ Yoga for All…Lets bring World Peace with Folded Hands…

Namaskar (Namaste)….Yoga is for all…Yoga for World Peace…

Put your hands together in Namaskar and look upon Someone or Something with Loving attention…..in 2-3 minutes you will begin to harmonize….

The physical World is a product of Polarities- Masculine and Feminine….Yin and Yang…Ida and Pingala…Shiva and Shakti…Right Brain or Left Brain…or whatever you may want to call that….

The longing to find union of Polarities is finding expressions through – Ambition, Conquest, Love, Sex, and Yoga…

Yoga means Union. Simplest form of Yoga is to put your hands together in Namaskar…

Namaskar brings harmony between two polarities within.

Put your hands together in Namaskar and look upon someone or something with Loving attention. In 3-5 minutes you will begin to harmonize.

Namaskar yourself into Peace…

Namaskar yourself into Love…

Namaskar yourself into Union…

Know the Union of Yoga on this International Yoga Day- 21 June 2015

Lets put our hands together and unite the world, may you unfold your being with folded hands….

Watch this beautiful Namaskar Yoga teaser for International Yoga Day Celebrations

Watch below Historical Significance of International Yoga Day Celebration by Indian Spiritual Guru Sri Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev, founder of Isha Foundation, India.

For those who likes to read than watch, English transcript of clip is given below the clip followed by pictures of Simple Namaksar yoga poses for forthcoming International Yoga Day on 21st June 2015..

Historical Significance of International Yoga Day Celebration

Sadguru explains “…We have a significant event coming up United National has declared International Yoga Day…That means those of you living in yoga centre or associated with yoga Centres..,this is your Day! First time in the world…

Since Adi Yogi or 15000 years ago, since then many things have happened i terms of propagating yoga in terms of reaching out, many Administrations in the form of Kings took yoga and did things.. When Shri Krishna was here, people don’t recognize this for tremendous efforts that he took to have political systems and the spiritual process fuse as one this is what he wanted to achieve and he is not being credit with this people are only talking about the excessive butter he might have eaten , girls , flute , cows and dance whatever!

No that is not what his life is all about; his life is he strived out his adult life to bring the spiritual process and political process as one. He started about 1000 ashrams across the northern place (of India) no body acknowledge him for that. This is the body of his works….Because he did not want spiritual process to be an archival process somewhere in some ashram.

He wanted this to spread across the society above all those who ruled the nations must be spiritual in nature this was his intention and always mingling and handling his Kings and their affairs. But he himself chose never to became a King , he was a King maker in many ways but never a King. He had the army to become a King.

There was land on which his people lived; he could have become a King effortlessly. If he wanted to become a King, particularly the Pandavas would have given up their whole Kingdom and would have said you be the King, there is no question about that but he never ever became a King only wanted the Political and Spiritual process Together, this is he whole effort.

This is great that Narendra Modi- UN has declared Yoga Day and head of Indian State (PM Narendra Modi) is talking about it, is a big thing. We have been working to do this particularly in last 12-15 years; we have made many efforts to bring people who are the leaders of Nation to have some Spiritual process in their life. But for the first time the head of major nation (India) on the planet is talking about Yoga in public, in International forum and for the first time 177 countries get together to pass a resolution. Never before the history of United Nations 177 countries voted for anything for that matter.

So, the coming year is historical event in many ways. Because this could be a kind of foundation stone to make Scientific approach to the inner wellbeing of the human being – a World wide thing.

That if you want to be well, you don’t have to seek heaven’s help, –

-you can turn inward and fix it.

-you can run inward and create well being

You don’t have to look up, you don’t have to look down. You don’t have to seek Celestial help. Human wellbeing or the quality of Human Wellbeing essentially originating from within, if you wanna fix it or if you wanna Mess it up. Both can be done within you, this is the message when there is International Yoga Day, this is what it means.

The World is beginning to accept, human wellbeing is not in Heaven its within us! Its a tremendous step for the world and here we have big plans what we want to do in the next…”

Significance of 21st June Day:

“….This is a historic event and its wonderful that it is timed at the time or begining of Dakshinayana i.e on June 21st is a International Yoga Day indicated the shifting of relationship between the sun and the planet from North to South. When Adi Yogi turned south and became Dakshina-Murty to deliver whole dimension of Yoga, Knowledge or this whole Sphere of understanding the Mechanics of Human Being in relation to the

Mechanics of Cosmos (Brahmand) and how one can transcends. How this can be a tiny little creature (body) or how this can become a Cosmic being.. This possibility he opened on this day. It s truly wonderful that day is recognized as the International Yoga Day…”

What is Namaskar (Namaste) & how to pronounce it correctly explains Ms Hemalayaa

Pics:Namaskar (Namaste) Yoga for World Peace

SAdguru-1bsk-iyengar-Namaste-Yoga-13Namaskar-Yoga-Baba-RamdeoNamaskar-Yoga-Sri-Sri-RavishankarNamaskar-Gandi-YogaNamaste-Yoga-2Namaskar-Yoga-Narendra-ModiNamaste-2Namaskar-yoga-10Namaskar-Yoga-11Namaskar-yoga-3Namaste-yoda-6Namaste-Yoga-6Namaste-Yoga-1Namaste-3Namaste-1Namaste-Yoga-5Namaste-Yoga-4 Namaste-Yoga-8Namaste-yoga-7Namaskar-yoga-6Namaskar-yoga-4Namaskar-yoga-5Namaskar-yoga-2Namaskar-yoga-12Namaskar-Yoga-1Namaskar-Yoga-8Namaskar-yoga-9iNTERNATIONA-yOGA-dAY-21-jUNE #InternationaYogaDay #YogaDay #21stJune #Yoga #Namaste #Namaskar #India #Hinduism Image Credit: ISHA Foundation,India Souces: Isha Foundation, Google search, Sadguru Jagggi Vasudev, Youtube, Facebook,Twitter. and all links in the post.

~ 21 June is now official ‘International Yoga Day’ : Celebrate Yoga Lifestyle

To give recogition and spread awareness about 6000+ years old Hindu Yoga Science, Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi asked UN (on September27, 2014) to have an official International Yoga Day. Move is supported by over 175+ countries in the world and today UN has declared “21 June as International Yoga Day” 🙂

Indian Yoga has got official recognition across the world! 

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~ Greedy Companies are Transforming “Food into Addiction” costing our Health: Switch to Self Made Home-Cooked Food

Eye opener…Alarming…Speechless!! See how some greedy Food/Pharma companies worldwide are transforming “FOOD INTO ADDICTION” for more Profit, making us UNHEALTHY-FAT-OBESE-DIABETIC!! Beware of misleading SUGAR,SALT,OIL & FAT composition  in food..better eat your own home cooked food than outside meals/snacks.

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