~ Intermittent Fasting helps in Reversing Diabetes type 2 naturally!

New research claims that Intermittent Fasting (like in Hindu Religious Fasting rituals eating raw Vegetables/Fruits) and diet management helps in Reversing Type 2 Diabetes naturally! Doctor Jason Fung from Canada here is explaining how his patients followed 6 steps which includes Intermediate Fasting, got rid of insuline doses and maintained normal sugar levels through his designed programme called Intensive Diet Management (IDM):

  1. Intermittent Fasting

  2. Reduce Dietary refined carbohydrate

  3. Eat high fat diet (Natural fats)

  4. Eat Fibre

  5. Vinegar

  6. Eat Spices and Herbs

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~ Ayurveda Remedy for Diabetic and Sugar Cautious

Simple home made Indian ancient medicine science-Ayurveda remedy for sugar cautious and Diabetic people shared by blogger Khushidey’s zone (here). Try it and share your experience.

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~ Ayurveda: Know your ‘Dosha’ by simple self-assessment quiz

Answer simple questions about your body and habits to know your Dohsa (Body issues/humors are divided into 3 basic types in Ayurveda – Vatta, Pitta, Kapha). Once you know your Dosha, Ayurvedic Doctor can suggest you appropriate Ayurveda (Herbal)  remedies and diets: Don-n-Don’ts,  what to eat, which type of food your should avoid or reduce intake, etc. Answer Dosha quiz here and get your score to know about your Dosha. See figure below to know what is Dosha and how they belong to 5 (Pancha Maha-Bhuta) basic elements of life (Prithvi/Earth, Vayu/Air, Jal/Water, Agni/Fire, Akaash/Sky) on the planet.

Ayurveda: Relation between 3 Doshas and 5 elements

Ayurveda: Relation between 3 Doshas and 5 elements

Photo Credit : Wikipedia

There are different ways to know your Doshas. It is upto the knowledge of Ayurvedic doctor or experts how they find the exact Dosha in person’s body. There are different wasy to find Doshas, consult authentic Ayurveda doctor for more details.Here one of the methods is given to know your Dosha from experts at Kerala Ayurvedic Academy website by providing simple quiz to evaluate Dosha (Vatta, Pitta and Kapha).

Visit their quiz link and do self-assessment to get your score => HERE

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Declaimer/Note: I am not an Ayurvedic doctor or expert. This post is just for your information and knowledge about Ayurveda. This is not an advertisement or promotion for any particular organization or person. I got this information from Google search and found interesting to provide it as a normal blog post. It is advisable to consult authentic Ayurveda Doctor personally to know about Dosha and appropriate remedies suitable to you. It is reader’s own responsibility to collect more accurate information and check facts from professional Ayurveda doctors in your city/country. This site won’t be responsible to any issues in this matter.

Sources: Kerala Ayurveda Academy website, Google Search, Wikipedia, and other hyperlinks mentioned in the post.